Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ascending Empires - Custom Board

I have always been a fan of 4X games and when I stumbled onto Ascending Empires, I was very excited. I have grown up playing a lot of Crokinole and tying that into a simple Civilization Space game was such an awesome idea, I had to play it! Now that I've played it a number of times, I know this baby is going to be around for a while. So, I had to make a board because the puzzle piece tiles that come in the game just wouldn't cut it.

Materials: 28" x 28" MDF board
1 1/2" Drill bit *USE a Forstner Bit. The bit I used didn't work well

 I picked up a 1 1/2" auger bit to drill the holes, but it left a beveled hole.  I would recommend a forstner bit instead as it will create a flat hole so that your planets don't lean.

I used the puzzle pieces as a stencil to draw the circles onto the board and then drilled the holes.  In this picture I used a bit of glue to fill in the angled holes that the crappy bit created.

I painted the board with black spray primer, and then white automotive spray paint.  Then I used a paint brush to add some stars.

I cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to make a template for the orbits surrounding the planets.  Then I lightly sprayed white around each planet.  Then using a light spray of black  in the centre of each orbit, it created a nice shaded look.  Then I applied 4 coats of Varathane, with light sanding in between.

Finally, I touched up some orbits with some paint to create some cleaner lines.  Here's the game all laid out!

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