Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bloody Bradigan - Painting & Tactics

Bloody Bradigan is one mean dude.

 Getting some paint on him
On the Table

Bloody Bradigan is a beautiful model and was really fun to paint.  Though I find skin quite challenging to paint typically, he was a dream because of the rippling muscles.  To paint him, I used a mix of the P3 skin tones, starting with dark and gradually getting lighter.  To do his tattoos I mixed some skin tone in with blue and then used a very thin brush.

Putting Bloody Bradigan in your army is a great choice when you expect to face an infantry/solo heavy army.  He's pretty one dimensional, which is great when you want something that will excel at pummeling the opposition.  For 2 points he will provide your army with a hard hitting beat stick that can take out models in base to base.  It's a bit strange that he has the gang fighter ability as it is tricky to get him into a position where he won't use berserk to kill his own dudes off.  He is tough to take down, especially when Doc Killingsworth is around, letting him pass tough rolls 50% of the time.  PLUS, stumbling drunk means he can't get knocked down!  So, as long as he passes tough rolls, he stays up, keeping his actions, which is fantastic.

Unfortunately I can't put him in Shae's tier list.  Dang.

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