Thursday, May 17, 2012

Durgen Madhammer - My New Favourite 'Caster

Durgen Madhammer is becoming one of my favourite Warcasters.  Admittedly the first few games I played him in, I felt he was underpowered and lacked the punch for a range heavy caster.  Wow, have I been wrong!

Madhammer likes explosions... Lots and lots of explosions!  He doesn't truly shine with his tier benefits or under a Searforge Contract.  The real explosive energy of Durgen comes out in a Highborne Covenant or Syndicate contract.  The Basher is the jack of choice for Durgen.  I find myself running two bashers regularly as they can each flak field and give durgen 2 extra focus each turn.  They are an incredible menace to infantry, particularly swarm armies as they can grand slam, follow up and then flack field.  On Durgen's feat turn, that can be devastating.  Then Durgen can Carpetbomb whoever got knocked down as he has arcing fire.  Exposions galore!  The Avalancher is a solid jack to run in his list, particularly marshaled to Thor Steinhammer.  Having a range 15 pow 14 aoe 3 with boosted blast damage rolls on Durgen's feat turn is enough to scare anyone away.
The solos I most enjoy with Durgen are Herne and Jonne for the obvious scatter shot on a feat turn.  They become lethal for infantry AND jacks alike.  Reindholt is a nice addition as he allows Durgen to fire buster twice.  Sadly he can't carpet bomb or case cracker twice as they are special attacks, but getting shot twice still sucks for your opponent.  And, my latest fav is definitely Gorman DiWulfe.  He would be good in any list, but his ability to protect Durgen with Smoke Bombs is helpful.  Then when he gets close enough, being able to hit a scary jack or even a caster with Black Oil before Durgen hits them with Carpet Bombs.  Fun times!

As I play with him more, I'm sure I'll learn more tricks and strategies to share with you.  Until then, happy gaming!

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