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Durgen Madhammer vs. Grim Angus

Durgen Madhammer vs. Grim Angus Battle Report

posted Apr 24, 2012 10:41 AM by Jeremy Laverty   [ updated Apr 26, 2012 10:59 AM ] So, it's been a while since my Mercs have faced off against Nathan's Trollbloods.  We decided to change that last night with a little 36pt Mangled Metal game.

My list:
Mercenaries - Highborn Covenant
Durgen Madhammer
Thor Steinhammer
Base unit of High Shield Gun Corps
Base unit of Forge Guard
Reindholdt Gobber Speculator
Gorman Di Wulfe
Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile

Nathan's List:
Grim Angus
Dire Troll Bomber
Dire Troll Mauler
Troll Impaler
Troll Impaler
Thumper Crew
Base unit of Trollkin Champions
Base unit of Pyg Burrowers

We divided the board into 9 even segments and rolled on the following chart to decide where terrain would sit:

1: Building
2-3: Forest
4-5: Linear Obstacle
6: Lake

My side wound up with a building dead centre, a lake on the right side and a linear obstacle on the left side.  Trolls got a Forest on the right side, linear obstacle in the middle and a building on the left side.  In the centre right and left sides we ended up with linear obstacles.

Trolls won the roll and deployed first, lining up his warbeasts dead center in a hideous line of protection in front of Grim.  He positioned his Thumper to the left side along with his Champions and an Impaler.  I Deployed to the left of the building with the Gun Corps up front and the Avalancher/Blaster on the right side of the building.

First Turn: Trolls Run up the table.  I walk and put the gun corps into shield wall in front of my Forge Guard and Madhammer.  My bashers both flack field, giving Durgen 2 focus and move up behind the shield wall.  Durgen activates and attempts a shot at the Mauler, coming up about 10" short.  The Avalancher walks and with Tune up from Thor takes a boosted shot at an impaler, doing 2 damage.

Second Turn: Trolls run the line of beasts up and Grim puts a bunch of wacky anti AOE spells on his beasts.  Grim then positions himself behind a wall  in the centre of the table.  The Champions run over the wall and position themselves in charge range of my Blaster.  Thumper fires and does 3 damage to my Blaster and knocks it back an inch.  I get giddy thinking of the amount of damage I am going to dish out on his caster who is now in range.  But, Nathan realizes he forgot to move his Pyg Burrowers.  So, they pop up and charge my Gun Corps.  Thankfully only one connected and killed on of my Gun Corps with its hand cannon.  But, they are now standing directly in front of the majority of my army.  I start by engaging the burrowers with the Forgeguard, eliminating all but 2 of the burrowers, who are saved by their tough roll.  Then I take out one more burrower with the Gun Corps who advance slightly.  Then my Blaster advances and takes a shot at Grim Angus, doing 11 damage.  Grim Angus transfers the damage to his Impaler, reminding me of the transfer damage rule for Hordes... DANGIT!  Durgen activates, pops his feat and moves forward to fire a Carpet Bomb at Grim Angus.  The first shot misses and deviates to oblivion.  The remaining two AOE's deviate to the warbeasts with the wacky AOE counter spells, doing no damage.  Thor tunes up the Avalancher who takes a boosted shot at Grim Angus, doing 3 damage.  Bashers move to the right side of my army, in front of the central building.  Gorman activates and drops some smoke to conceal himself, a Basher and Durgen.  Feat turn wasted with little to show for it.

Third Turn: Trolls start by moving the Mauler in to kill off two Gun Corps from my front line.  Then the Champions charge the Blaster, taking out its head and doing to damage to its movement.  The Troll Bomber advances throwing some AOE nastiness onto my Gun Corps killing 1, taking out a Forge Guard and knocking Dougal Macnaile down.  Then it casts the AOE protection spell on itself.  Grim Angus activates, moving up behind the Bomber for AOE protection from its spell and shoots another Forge Guard.  He then pops his feat.  Thumper runs and an Impaler misses Macnaile.  I activate my Forgeguard and four of them combine melee attack the Mauler, doing 12 damage.  Then my basher Grand Slams the Bomber 6" and follows up into base contact with Grim Angus.  The Basher Flack Fields doing 3 damage.  Then Durgen Madhammer finishes off Grim Angus with Leveler.  No animus means he can't transfer damage, so I finish him off for game!

It was a tense game which could have gone either way.  I had a failed feat turn as the trolls' spells cancel blast damage, and I had some shoddy deviation rolls.  The Pygmy Burrowers were a great tar pit unit, tying my front line up and slowing the rest of my army down.  I had forgotten that Warlocks can transfer damage to their beasts, which means you have to plan when to go for the kill, as you don't want to leave models exposed in a failed assassination attempt.

So, after some discussion on the PP forums, it appears that I made an error on the Grand Slam that lead to Grim Angus' defeat.  A Grand Slam is not listed on the Basher's card as a special attack, however a Slam is a special attack.  So being as Grim Angus had popped his feat, I should not have been able to grand slam the Bomber.  Good game though!  Thanks for reading! 

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