Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playtesting Session, May 19

As you may know, I'm working on a pretty cool boardgame at the moment.  I was super excited to show my brother Jer how far the vassal module is coming along.  I just love how we can playtest our ideas on vassal, and I have to say, we both found this one very fun.  There's so much tweaking required, and this will take some time, but like any good game, a story has come from it.

One of the vital mechanics in this game is to track your reputation with powerful factions in the game.  Almost everything of consequence that you do in this game will effect your reputation, and some things are harder to do than others.  However, like any game that contains a chance element, there is always that 1:1000000 chance that can pay off, and that seems to be just what happened for Jer last night.

With a Pirate fighter orbiting the planet he was on, instead of choosing the safe route, and using his small cash of credits to do some commodity exchanging, or expand a part of his ship, he hires a wingman and takes it to the Pirates.  2 Incredible encounters later, he's outside of a Pirate homeworld, has destroyed 1 fighter and a capital ship, earning himself some serious coin from the Confederation and all without a single scratch on his ship!  Had he found a loophole in the game, or get ridiculously lucky?  According to my initial calculations, I think he got seriously lucky.  He had a 50% chance of surviving the 2 encounters in his present state, with only 1 remaining health.  I have asked a math specialist to do some analysis, but I think a conservative guess would be around <10% chance of doing what he did.  This is all good testing to determine routes that can unbalance the game quickly, and with each test will come little tweaks that make this game that much better.  Here's Jer's last move,

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