Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warmachine Showdown - Session Report

Last week, we had our first 4 player Warmachine night and it was a blast!  I setup two tables in my kitchen, so we could all be in the same room.  I put one of the tables on top of the dishwasher, which is on wheels, so it could be wheeled around if we wanted to move it.
On one table we had Josh playing Cygnar, lead by Nemo and Mark playing my Mercenary army lead by Durgen.  On the the other table we had Nathan playing Trollbloods lead by Marak Ironhide vs me playing Mercenaries lead by Montador.  Our second game Nathan fielded a beast heavy Grim Angus army vs my Mercenaries Shae Tier 4 list.

It was Mark's second game and Josh did a great job teaching him the game.  Admittedly we should not have had him play a 25 pt game; especially not a tricky Mercenary army like this:

Durgen Madhammer
2 Bashers
Thor Steinhammer
Base Unit of Shield Guard
Hernne and Jon

They did not get to finish the game, but we're pretty sure Cygnar had the advantage by the end of the night.

Our first game went fast as both Nathan (Trolls) and I (Mercs Pirates) played super aggressive.  I lead with a slow walk, but ran my Mule up forgetting that Trolls have pathfinder and can charge over linear obstacles.  So my Mule was charged by Nathan's Axer and took a pounding.  Then Nathan moved Marak up behind a wall to take a swing at the Mule as well.  I brought Montador up front and centre for an assassination attempt and wiffed.  Montador then popped his feat.  Then I attempted to move the Mule back to block up LOS to my caster and he got destroyed by the Axer on his free strike.  So, I wiffed some more shots with my seadogs and got 5 damage on Ironhide with my Mariner.

On Nathan's turn he rushed in for the kill.  His Warcaster and Axer ignored my feat and were not knocked down when they entered my control zone.  But, thankfully Ironhide missed on the Attack roll.  The Axer succeeded and put 8 damage on Montador.  Then, Nathan charged the back of his Axer with a Longrider and slammed him 1".  Sadly that was 1" too short!

So, Montador survived and managed to finish off Ironhide for game!  A lucky win.

Our Second Game was Shae's Tier 4 list vs Nathan's Beast heavy Grim Angus list.

I went first and piled my army into the right corner of the table, with the Commodore Cannon on a hill :D

Nathan decided to play more defensively and he hid all of his stuff behind a building.

He also ran a longrider up into threat range of my seadogs, who I moved into a beautiful terrain piece that Nathan had made for our game.

The clump of models I created gave his bomber lots to hit with AOE's and I lost 4 sea dogs.  Then his Impaler hit my Mule, who was slammed back, crushing poor Dirty Meg.  I then feated and charged the Seadogs in and killed an Impaler and tied up the other one.  Nathan wound up with Grim Angus pinned behind the building and his Axer was rendered helpless by fear.  Nathan unleashed some fury and took out Lord Rockbottom along with a few more Seadogs, and put some damage on both my Mule and my Mariner.  Then he had a failed shot on my caster.  This left Grim Angus in the open, so we called the game.  Another win for Pirates!

It was a great night with lots of action.  We will be starting a Journeyman League in the next few weeks to get some more of our friends learning the game, starting with lower point values.

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