Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Player playtest session report - Privateer

Mark C, Jackson and Josh met-up yesterday for a sandbox game of Privateer. Mark had played the earlier ruleset, while Jackson was completely new to the game. One of the unpredictable aspects of the game is that with the general setup, the planets are randomly distributed around the map, and with Pirate planets in the high traffic zones, and the Confed planet on the outskirts, I knew this would be an interesting game. Jackson's Pilot was a Trader, and it didn't take long for him to figure out some trading tricks to make a ton of money. Afterburner and Cargo expansion combination is a little crazy, and maybe even overpowered, but I'm still not sure. Mark ran some successful trade runs, and with some money under his belt decided to pick up a little tougher ship in the Orion. Picking some fights with some Pirates, without having many resources left him running from Pirates most of the game. Josh Decided immediately, with a Warrior class pilot, that with the Pirates in the congested part of the board, he would pursue a career in Piracy. Now the Reputation of your pilot character determines where you can go, and who will attack you, so Josh was having relatively free reign of the big populated areas, and quickly plundered some merchants. As a result, the Confed fighter that came around and blew him to pieces a couple of times in a row left him struggling to get that 3rd kill to add to his fame. Jackson soon had enough money to buy the biggest freighter in the game, and only found himself in combat once, where he obliterated a pirate who had followed him to Ribaldaxis. Our time limit came up, and we tallied our victory points. To my surprise, in 1 hour and 45 minutes, in his first game, Jackson emerged the most infamous Privateer with 12 Victory Points. Mark had 10 VP, and if he had been able to sell his cargo, would have had 11. Josh also finished with 11 Victory points. Great game guys, a tense one with lots of excitement, including the arrival of a Kilrathi Capital Ship, who added to the chaos in the middle of the map.

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