Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dust Warfare - First Impressions

After much hesitation, I have taken some time to go through the Dust Warfare rule book and picked up some models.  Over the past 8 years I have played a number of miniature wargames including Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, AT-43, Infinity and Warmachine.  Having invested heavily into Lord of the Rings, AT-43 and Warmachine, I was concerned about getting into another game that may not have legs.  After listening to the D6 Generation review here and the interview they did with one of the designers here, I felt that I should check it out.
Nathan purchased the original Dust Tactics Core Set and I picked up the Dust Tactics Revised Core Set and Dust Tactics: Operation Cerberus.  Then we split the sets, Nathan took the Axis faction and I took the Allied faction.  The sets combined gave each faction approximately 200 - 250 points.

Inside the Box

 The Core Revised Set comes in vacuum sealed plastic with the terrain pieces, dice and walkers sealed in tightly.  The troops are all individually zip-locked in cardboard boxes.  The walkers are made of a hard plastic with some excellent detailing, moving parts and arms that easily click into place.  There are next to no mold lines which is very impressive.

The troops themselves are made of a slightly softer plastic but are not gumby at all.  The detail is not quite what you would see in metal from Games Workshop or Privateer Press, but are still quite nice.  The regular Soldier 2 are slightly smaller than the Soldier 3, heavier troops.
Operation Cerberus comes PACKED with building pieces.  For $30 this is a steal.  It also comes with a campaign book and two heroes.
Angela is the Axis Hero in the Cerberus set.  Her model is fantastic, but very thin.  I had to bend her slightly to get her to stand up straight and her sniper rifle suffered from limp barrel.  It straightened out alright by hand, but Nathan may need to boil some water to get this model to straighten out.

The Rule Book
The Rule Book is excellent.  It is well laid out with beautiful pictures.  It is a bit pricey compared to Warmachine Books, but is well put together and very clear.

More to come!
Part 2


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