Monday, July 02, 2012

Journeyman League: Kill Box Scenario

Hey folks!  Here's the scenario we are using for our Journeyman League.

Kill Box (Center Scenario)


Summary: Players must move their warcaster(s) or warlock(s) forward while attempting to assassinate their opponent’s warcaster(s) or warlock(s).

Mark a 24˝ square in accordance with the diagram below. This is the kill box.

Victory Conditions:

Starting on the first player’s second turn, if a player ends his own turn with a friendly warcaster or warlock not within the kill box, all friendly warcasters and warlocks are immediately destroyed and cannot be healed.

If time runs out before a player has won the match via scenario or assassination victory, break the tie as outlined in "Victory and Tiebreakers." For the 3rd tiebreaker, count only the army points within the kill box.

*Steamroller 2012 lists Kill Box as an 'Artifice' not a 'Scenario.'  It increases the size of the box by 2" all the way around (10" from the table edge).  According to the Journeyman Schedule, it lists Kill Box as a 'Scenario,' so we will stick with the 2011 Steamroller Scenario.

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