Saturday, July 28, 2012

Journeyman Update - Painting Trollbloods

Nathan did some painting this week, finishing up a Fellcaller, Bouncer and Horthol.

Nathan here!
It was great to finally get some time to paint up a few figs this week. For the last 3-4 models I've been focusing on speed. So where as some of my older models may look better up close I am pretty content with how these guys came out.

Fell Caller: I've been trying to get a hold of this model for quit some time now. Every time I poked my head into a local shop I could never find this legendary Trollblood "auto-include". When I finally did pick it up at 401 games (after spending a good 20 minutes digging it out of there oh so easily accessible display) it took me some time before I could paint it up. Needless to say I am glad to have this puppy in the collection. This is a great model to paint. lots of sharp detail really rewards even a basic paint job. I did try a couple of things on this one. First off I did a small conversion on this guy. The basic model has a torch on his back but there is no actual flame emanating from it. This always bugged me. Even the art in the Trollblood's book shows an awesome flame coming up from this unconventional battle standard. Having recently built and painted the plastic Trollblood Mauler I was left with some of the bits to build a Troll Bomber. The fuse of the bombers powder keg had a nicely sculpted flame on it so I cut the flame off the fuse and used a little super glue and gray stuff to attach it to the fell callers flaming standard! I also tried to add a little source lighting to the torch and the Fellcaller's swords. I really have no idea how to do this but I am content with the result. I could not let Jeremy's attempt at source lighting on his Gorman DeWulf solo go unanswered. Lastly the fell called also includes a little tartan work. I have yet to pull this off in a way that I am truly pleased with.

Horthol Longrider Champion: Not much to say on this one. I love my Longriders however they are the models in my collection that have wallowed in various states of unpaintedness (yeah I know this is not a word) for a very long time. I usually don't like to stray too far from normal colors but for Horthol I thought I'd go a little off piste and give him a little punk rock flavor with his day-glow quills and growths. I also used a little different basing materiel on the his base. I came across this stuff at a hobby train store for 99 cents.

Troll Bouncer light Warbeast: Even less to say for this guy (lie). I did a little blood splatter on the shield. I'm not sure if I like to color. At some point I'll be fixing some of the highlighting on this guy. I know I could have said much more on tactics for all these guys. For the bouncer I'll say this; the Bouncer my be a little pricey for what is essentially a bodyguard however he really does a great job at protecting my caster and he does so in the following ways. 1) This Animus is wonderful. Bump has saved me from Adrian's Carnivian at least a few times. 2) Because I'm keeping him back I usually have a completely unharmed war beast to dump damage on. 3) Shield Guard is no joke. I've been playing with Capt. Gunnbjoirn and being able to redirect a range attack without using a fury is priceless when your playing aggressively and not able to benefit from your rock walls for one reason or another. 4) Playing against "Jeremy's Explody Slamy Midgets" I can stand my lock behind my Bouncer without much fear of taking a flying beast butt to the face.

We've got our second 25pt night coming up on Monday night!  Get your army lists ready!

Game Points
Hobby Points
Slag Troll
Horthol dismounted
Commander Stryker

Durgen Madhammer
Constance Blaize



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