Friday, August 03, 2012

Constance and Gallant, finished... Finally

So moving in the middle of a paint job on a model can hit you pretty low.  Didn't know if I'd ever finish them, but here they are.  Constance and Gallant.  And while I was at it, I painted up the new Storm Tower that Jer got me for my birthday.  Thanks Bro!
Constance Blaize:
I wanted the look on Constance to be something like the Cameos and china that have the blue with raised ivory type details.  Effeminate, but strong, so I did several washes before highlighting all of the raised parts with an off-white I got to replace my old white that was getting too thick.


Wanted the blue wash to tie him in with the rest of my army.  Too many layers of paint later... Painted this guy 3 times, and should have stripped him before finally deciding on a colour scheme, but stil reasonably happy with how he came out.

And Finally, my new Storm Tower to summon the lightning!!!

Went for urban bases and a slightly different colour scheme from my other tower, to tell them apart.  The white gators were reminiscent of the American Revolution and unseen, but I envisioned how this tower would be carried, and then planted into the ground, so the base of it has been set into something of a glowing crater, like it's anchored to the ground.

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