Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dust Warfare - Initial Impressions Part 2

Part 1

This is the second part of my initial impressions of Dust Warfare.  To read part one click the link above.

When Fantasy Flight Games first announced that Dust Warfare/Tactics would use pre-built, primed models, many miniatures gamers concern came down to quality.  I enjoy the hobby side of miniature wargaming, but found the prebuilt and primed concept to be quite enticing.  I personally don't enjoy the building and modelling part of the hobby as much of the painting part, so this was a hit for me.  However, with the models being pre-built and made of plastic, the quality is not quite the same level as other miniature games.  
Here are some comparisons with Games Workshop and Privateer Press models.

Dust Warfare infantry compared to a Warmachine infantry

Dust Warfare infantry compared to a Space Marine

Heavy Warjack compared to a Dust Warfare Medium Walker

Here are some comparisons between the Allied and Axis models:

Light Axis Walker compared to a Light Allied Walker

Medium Allied Walker compared to a Medium Axis Walker

Medium Allied Walker compared to a Medium Axis Walker

Allied Heavy Infantry compared to Axis Heavy Infantry

As you can see, the walkers are incredibly detailed and made of a harder plastic, while the infantry are made of a less rigid, more bendable plastic.  The walkers all have moving parts like turning turrets, turnable mounted guns and other hinged parts.  They also have swappable weapons that pop into place fairly easy.  The infantry have torsos that turn.  I really like the ability to swap weapons, but the rest of the moving parts are somewhat annoying.  The turrets just lift off of the Allied walkers and fall off half the time.  The Black Hawk light walkers' weapons don't stick in all the way and continue to fall off when I move it on the table.  The turning torsos on the infantry leave them in really wonky positions that look awkward.  I will probably glue most moving parts to make the models more functional.  I suppose the argument could be that this allows modellers an opportunity to choose a pose without having to piece it together, but its a bit silly.

When comparing the Dust Warfare models to Warmachine models, the first thing that stands out is the sheer size of the walkers.  They are huge!  And, I don't have a heavy walker to compare yet.  They are also quite detailed and have some intricate parts.  However, the detail level in the troops is lacking when set next to a metal Warmachine model.  I don't think they are bad however, they are quite nice and you can tell by looking across the table what each model is representing.  They are more detailed than AT-43 models over all, which is excellent.

Game Play Impressions coming next!


  1. Where is that river from in the pictures?

    1. The rivers are from Galeforce 9: