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Battle Report - pNemo VS Gorten Tier 4 - 50pts

Hello Everyone, it is time for another battle report, this time played at Josh's, which is an event in itself.

Josh was dying to try his pNemo list at 50 points and Jer took advantage of the 50 points to pack in a tier 4 Gorten Rhulic list talking more heavies than you can shake a stick at.
The Scenario rolled off as Mosh Pit from the Prime MKII book.  We did a 16" circle, with Steamroller deployment (7" vs 10")  We marked the mosh pit with a hill/stone base which we could measure from center of to determine if we were in the zone, and the outside was indicated by sandbags as cover and linear obstacles.  Caster kill or Controlling the Mosh pit at the end of your turn, beginning turn 3 of player 2, would win you the game.

Here are the lists:

Josh's Cygnar:

pNemo -6
Squire +2
Stormwall +19
Lancer +6
Hunter +6

Journeyman WC +3
pEyriss +3
Arlan +2
Reinholt +1
Black 13th +4

Stormguard Min +6
Stormtowers +2x2

Jer's Rhulic Mercs:

Gorten Grundback (*7pts)
* Grundback Blaster (3pts)
* Ghordson Avalancher (9pts)
* Ghordson Driller (6pts)
* Wroughthammer Rockram (8pts)
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps Officer & Standard (0pts)
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Herne & Jonne (3pts)
Horgenhold Forge Guard (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Brun Cragback & Lug (9pts)
Lord Rockbottom (2pts)

Josh won priority and opted to go second since Jer wasn't benefitting from the Searforge contract benefit (+4" deployment).  This put the slow Dwarves far away from the objective.  Jer deployed in a clump to the middle, with his units advanced deployed in front.

The Stormwall Colossal pre-deployed basically in the middle, the Stormtowers sat to either side of the Stormwall, the hunter and Black 13th sat to the right flank and Eyriss to the left flank.

Rhulic Turn 1
He ran basically everyone, but Gorten and he put a wall in front of his heavies.
Cygnar Turn 1
Cygnar moved up the Stormwall and lay down covering fire to stop lanes.  The B13 picked off a couple of shield gun corps, and Nemo arced lightning into the mix to take out the officer. Eyriss sat very still and stealth-like, while the hunter repositioned.  Arcane shield landed on the stormguard, Arlan boosted the lancer, who ran up for the arc node.
Covering Fire Mwahaahaaa!
Turn 1
Rhulic Turn 2
The Dwarves continued to run, demonstrating how slow a Dwarven army can move.  One Shield gun corps combined to kill one Stormguard, while the other unit did a couple of boxes on the lancer.  Forgeguard huddled behind a covering fire template...
Take Cover!

Cygnar Turn 2
Cygnar took the opportunity to throw more lightning into the ranks with Nemo and the 2 towers taking out some shieldguncorps.  The B13 made their shots but couldn't finish the deal.  The Hunter took out the Bear's mind aspect.  The Stormguard tied up the shield gun corps.  Stormwall popped out a pod to block the driller up and pounded the Driller with a couple of boosted big guns, taking out the grappler.  Covering fire landed on the tied up shieldgun corps, and in front of the forgeguard. Eyriss Disrupted the Avalancher.
New Meaning to Covering Fire
Rhulic Turn 3
Looking to keep the Stormwall out of the objective zone, Jer put all of his energy into freeing up the shieldgun corps in the middle of the hill.  To do so, he used almost all of his attacks from Herne and Jonne, the forgeguard, Rockram, Brun, his blaster and Lord Rockbottom, but he did it.  This kept them alive, and they moved up to cover valuable real estate.  His Avalancher had been putting the hurt on the Stormwall, and continued to do so, tuned up by Steinhammer, but here he was joined by Gorten, who cast molten metal on the SW.  Now we played this wrong and applied damage to both grids, for 12 damage.  We discovered later that this has been ruled only to effect one grid by a Privateer Press Infernal. (Valander).  With all the damaging AOE's on the table, the rest of the infantry holed up and hoped for the best.
Cygnar Turn 3
Cygnar was determined to clear out as much infantry as possible this turn, and for the most part succeeded.  The Stormtowers hit and did damage, the Gunmages took out some guys, the Lightning arced through the lancer to put a few boxes on Gorten, heck even the Lancer killed a guy.  One last guy stood resolute and prevented the SW from moving onto the hill.  A couple of boosted big guns and Nemo's feat finished off the Driller, and disrupted all of Gorten's jacks.  The Hunter also put the hurt on Hernne killing him, while the AOE's and Covering fire protected the B13 from retaliation. A storm pod sat in the way of the Rockram.
Then I realized that I had only a Lancer completely in the Mosh Pit, and Gorten hadn't used his feat.  It would be game over if I can't prevent a landslide, and I had only one model left to move... Eyriss.  So she ran in front of the Stormwall, so that whichever way they slid, one would stay in the Mosh Pit zone.

Rhulic Turn 3
Jer knew he had only 2 models to remove, however he was so tied up, he wasn't sure how he could do it, and Josh had put Arcane Shield on the Lancer and put a smoke cloud in front of it too.  His other idea was a Gorten Bowled assassination run, but the option had been taken away by the lost Driller and the distance to Lug.  Brun Activated and healed Brun so his mind was back.  This allowed him to Charge and finish the undamaged Hunter without breaking a sweat. His jacks disrupted, Gorten put the hurt on the Colossal again, and with a tuned up Avalancher, destroyed the Left system on the SW.  Through a spectacular shot, Rockbottom lit Eyriss on Fire, but an equally spectacular die roll left her alive with 2 hit boxes.  He kept his feat to himself and moved the Rockram to protect Gorten and called it a turn.

Cygnar Turn 4
Having bought the time, Cygnar went on the assault.  Eyriss died to the fire, but Arlan managed to repair the Stormwall's left arm, and Nemo loaded him up with focus.  The Black 13th finished off the Bear with some brutal damage.  Lightning from one of the Stormtowers took out a Forgeguard, and Nemo's Chain lightning took out Steinhammer and a couple of boxes on Gorten.  The otehr Stormtower disrupted the Avalancher.  The Stormwall walked onto the hill and Put a pod out behind Gorten, boosting for damage.  He also disrupted the Rockram and pounded it from up close with the big guns.  Covering fire covered the flanks.  Gorten was down to about half health and running out of options.

Rhulic Turn 4
Gorten's only option was to try and take down the Colossal or go around it.  But with disrupted jacks, and little units left, he did a lot of damage, but not enough.  The Arcane Shield kept most of the damage off.  Even the Lancer survived the few Forgeguard that could swing at it.  He considered Resigning the game, but we agreed to see if Cygnar could Finish Gorten off, and Cygnar would play one more turn.

Cygnar Turn 5
At this point, I thought of several options, but settled on a crapload of lighting.  The Stormwall Power Striked the Blaster into Gorten, knocking him down.  A boosted pod also did some damage.  The Finishing shot was a Lucky Charmed, Boosted Chain lightning arced through the Lancer.

Goodbye Gorten
Post Game Thoughts:
Really intense game, though a lot of my army played on tying up threats to buy time.  I got lucky when Jer couldn't kill Eyriss on turn 3.  With her gone, he could have feat pushed the lancer out and won the game.  The list was fun to play, with lightning taking out important solos and attachments, but it had very little diversity.  A concentrated Scenario like this one was ideal for it, and pNemo's feat really came into its own.  I like the Stormwall, but I do think pNemo gets more out of a couple of heavies than one super heavy.  The Stormwall's ability to immobilize units can be devastating as in the case of the Forgeguard in this game.

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