Sunday, October 07, 2012

Monsterpocalypse - Dusting it Off

Our game club has played a lot of Warmachine and Hordes over the past few years and we felt like something a little different.  So, we have dusted off Monsterpocalypse and will be injecting it into our game schedule.  This has been my favourite Miniature Wargame/Board Game for some time, so I am pretty excited to have a group of players who are interested in playing it!

In preparation for our first Monpoc night on Tuesday, I got Kondo on the table last night vs Phobos 7.  I needed to familiarize myself again with the rules and slew of special abilities so that the games would go smoothly.

There were a few little aha! moments that I thought I should comment on after playing a lot of other miniatures/board games and coming back to this one.

Coming back to Monsterpocalypse Aha! Moments

1. The dice mechanic is brilliant!  Utilizing dice as the resource for everything including your attacks makes for a tense, tactical experience with an emphasis on risk vs reward.

2. If you can dish out 2 or 3 damage to a monster and leave them in a position to do less, its a worthwile trade.

3. Flight is best, but climb/jump is pretty sweet.  I figured out that units with climb can still get to the spawn point in the centre of Block War by walking over the building instead of walking through the bushes.

4. Bringing buildings with hazards can work against pedestrian monsters (unless they are radiated zones and you're a Martian).

5. Access to healing makes monsters live longer.  Sounds obvious, but if you forget that a monster can heal,  all of your planning can get ruined as they repair all the damage you do.  A 2 damage trade for 1 damage = 1 damage trade for 1 if they heal that second point.

6. Units can be just as lethal as a monster.  I never really liked finishing a game with the units taking out a monster, but keep it in mind.

7. Don't forget the Head Butt Power attack!  If you just spent 5 power dice to hyper up, don't leave yourself in a position where you can be aligned, as a simple power attack can knock you down to your Alpha form.

8. Leaving one dice in your monster pool can make all the difference.  Getting one action through shuffle or just by leaving an action dice in your monster pool and be the thing that saves your monster, or takes out the opponent.

9. Know your percentages.  My quick way of remembering the percentages:
   3 Action Dice = 1 hit
   2 Boost Dice = 1 hit
   1 Power Dice = 1 hit

10. Finally, there is nothing better than lining up a killer power attack and smashing a monster through 3 buildings.

I can't wait for the games to come.  Bring on the Monsterpocalypse!

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