Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Memoir '44 - game session and thoughts on the system

Last night my friend Joel came over and we pulled out Memoir '44, which I haven't played in a few years. Joel is a history buff and world war two is of particular interest to him. So, I figured he would enjoy it.
We played Pegasus Bridge and Sword Beach; two scenarios that come with the core game. It was an absolute blast.

Having delved deeply into complex miniature wargames, it was refreshing to play something that is streamlined and elegant. Memoir '44 uses a card mechanic to issue orders to your troops, which beautifully forces the players to choose the best orders each turn. There is little to overthink when you are limited like 2- 6 orders to choose from. Most miniature wargames involve moving your entire force on your turn, which can really slow the game down when you have a high model count and activation order is critical.  I also enjoy the tension that is created in asymmetrical scenarios. Both battles we played, the allies outnumbered the axis almost 2:1, but those fewer axis troops had fortified positions. This tension is rare in Warmachine and other point based miniature wargames.
It was great to crack open the game that got me into the hobby!  I look forward to playing some more!

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