Thursday, December 20, 2012

Achievement Time!

Shockwave IIC put up an Achievement list for Cygnar players. (check it out here on PP's Forum)
He's also done ones for Khador and Legion.  How do you rank?

At no point does playing with Proxies count.
Any Tiers count as if printed in the Forces Book.

Forces of Cygnar (1000)

Welcome to Cygnar (5)
- Own the Cygnar Battlebox (Purchased as a single unit)

Paired with the Boy Wonder (5)
- Play 10 Battlebox games (Cygnar battlebox only)

And he made me look GOOD! (5)
- Won 10 Battlebox games (Cygnar battlebox only)

Rank: Captain (10)
- Played 10+ games at 25 points

Rank: Major (25)
- Played 25+ games at 35 points

Rank: Colonel (50)
- Played 50+ games at 50 points

Primed - For Cygnar (5)
- Played 3+ games with each of pHaley, pStryker and pCaine

A Graduate of Point Borne (10)
- Played with 5+ different Warcasters

Rank: Lord Commander (50)
- Own all the Warcasters

Rank: General (50)
- Played 5+ games with each of the Warcasters

Strict Military Protocol (15)
- Played 3 different Tier lists

True to character (10)
- Played a Tier 4 list

Hand Cannons kill Warcasters (25)
- Kill an opposing Warcaster or Warlock with the Journeyman's Hand Cannon 

Sword-Spear!!! (50)
- Killed an opposing Warcaster or Warlock, who was at full health, in one hit, with eStryker

Star of Valor (25)
- Won a game with just your Warcaster left alive.

Advantage, Miss Victoria Haley (15)
- End your first turn of the game with an opposing heavy Warjack/ Warbest Destroyed.

Electro-Leap FTW (15)
- Kill an opposing Warcaster or Warlock with an Electro-Leap

Caine'd (15)
- Win a game where the only model killed is the Opposing Warcaster/ Warlock

Jack Bullet (15)
- Killed an opposing Warcaster or Warlock with a Melee attack with a Warjack that started it's activation 15"+ away.

Rank: Commander Adept (15) 
- Won a game with pNemo without the aid of Mercenary's.

"Stay, and I will taunt you a Second Time!" (25)
- End a turn with Thorn in combat with two or more Heavy Warjacks and have him survive till your next turn

One Shot, One Kill (15)
- Kill an opposing Warcaster or Warlock that was at full health, in one hit with a ranged attack

The Strategic Academy
- Own 2+ "Omni" warjacks

Cygnaran Armoury (35)
- Be able to field at the same time, one of every non-character jack.

"No, he's mine" (15)
- Own a Character Warjack

"Superior Intelligence" (25)
- Own all three Character Warjack's.

"Clear the Trenches!" (15)
- Own a Full unit of Trencher Commandos and Max Scattergunners

With Morrows Blessing (15)
- Own a Full unit of Precursor Knights and Unit Attachment

Reach out and Touch (15)
- Own a Unit of Long Gunner + UA

Always on the Front lines (25)
- Own a full unit of Trencher Infantry, UA, 3 Grenadiers and Maxwell Finn.

Storm Division (50)
- Own Two or more of each Storm Knight unit and Katherine Laddermore

We don't do Black Ops, but if we did..... (10)
- Own the Black 13th Strike Team

Battalion (150)
- Own one or more of each Cygnar unit.

Weather Men (10)
- Own a Storm Tower and Three Storm Smiths

"Dug-in to Stay" (75)
- Own one or more of each Trencher unit and Solo along with UA's and Max FA of each Weapon attachment 

Voltaic Core (50)
- Played in a 50 point 16+ player Hardcore Tournament

"I represented" (25)
- Played Cygnar at a 32+ player Tournament

Be proud of your Colours (25)
- Played with a fully painted army at 35 points or bigger

My Own Score is a paltry 170/1000. I guess I'm not that Cygnarrly.


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