Saturday, December 22, 2012

That's a Big Wreck Marker...

Playing with my 5 year old, he was downright giddy, running around the house to announce to everyone that HE BLEW UP DADDY'S STORMWALL!

It cost him 2 heavies, but weathering Siege's feat (wherein Daddy rolled 1,1,2,3 on four dice for damage with his Stormwall) and Despite having Arcane shield up and Arlan repairing 8 damage boxes in the exchange, the mighty Stormwall was brought to it's knees by a focus laden Vanquisher.  No help from the choir either.  Way to go Malachi, a budding player with some serious determination.  He confessed to me after the game that he thought he might lose in the process, but he knew he could kill it.  In the end, an aggressive move by his caster led to Siege delivering a force hammer to the face, followed by suppressing fire to finish him off.  I think he could have won it too!


  1. Love it. Are you using straight rules, or are you simplifying them?

    1. When Malachi was 4 we started by letting him use his focus on the go, playing soccer (grind with nets) and eliminated spells from the mix. Now he's able to play with the full rules, and I tend to coach him on his options, then he makes decisions about what he thinks if the best option. He has a lot of fun with it, and loves jacks. I let him mix his army from any faction too, so he gets to play with what he wants, and it usually means totally broken lists. Vanquisher with snipe is hilarious.