Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Warmachine & Hordes night - List Discussion & Report

We had two tables set up the other night for two 50 point caster kill games.  On one table Jeremy was running a Teir 4 Shae Mercenaries list against Nathan's Grim Angus Troll Blood list.  On the other table, Jason was running a 50pt Jeremiah Kraye Cygnar list against Adrian's Rhyas Legion Army. Jason is writing a battle report for that game so I will focus on the mercs vs trolls game.

Jeremy's List
Mercenaries - Talion Charter - Shae's 50pt Teir 4
50pts    Warcaster(s) : 1/1    Warjack(s) : 5    Battle Engines : 0    Solos : 5    Units : 4
Captain Phinneus Shae - WJ:  6
-    Freebooter - PC: 6
-    Mariner - PC: 8
-    Mule - PC: 8
Dirty Meg - PC: 1
-    Buccaneer - PC: 3
-    Buccaneer - PC: 3
Doc Killingsworth - PC: 1
First Mate Hawk - PC: 1
Lord Rockbottom - PC: 1
Bosun Grogspar - PC: 1
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt - Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4
Sea Dog Crew - Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
-    Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster - Mr. Walls 2
-    1 Rifleman's: 1
The Commodore Cannon & Crew - Commodore and 3 Crewmen: 4
Press Gangers - Lass & 5 Grunts: 4

List Discussion:

I built this list with a few things in mind.
1. In Shae's tier, solos are cheap, so I wanted to run a lot as they provide so many buffs to the seadogs.  In hindsight I should have included Dougal MacNaile instead of the Seadog Rifleman.
2. Shae makes everything faster, and in the Tier they gain pathfinder first turn. I planned on getting close and personal right away.
3. I put 2 Buccaneers with Dirty meg to ensure anything I wanted to knock down would be knocked down. This would line up easy shots for the Commodore Cannon or grant the Freebooter his extra dice in melee.  
4. Aiyana and Holt will provide a bonus with kiss of lylyth against high arm models or on an assassination run vs a Warlock.

The Game:
*this won't be a complete battle report, just some pivotal events that happened in the game.
The game did not go completely according to plan.  I won the roll and deployed first.  Generally I think this is a good move with Shae, but I think it would be benefited me to deploy second as I could have been the first to fire going second.  That said, I had advance move on my jacks and pathfinder on my first move, so everything was far up field first turn.  This clearly created the feeling of threat I had intended and forced Nathan to make some decisions based on the wide variety of targets I had provided for him.  He shot up my seadogs and put some damage on my jacks.  The following turn Shae popped his feat allowing the cannon to move further up and take a shot, knocking the Bomber down and putting some damage on Grim Angus; and everything else was able to move up, putting many of them into charge range.  The Freebooter charged the Bomber and took out two spirals before throwing him into Grim for some more damage.  Then the buccaneers failed their shots for knockdown and the seadogs charged.  This was basically the way the rest of the game went.  The buccaneers failed to knock anyone down (despite 6 ranged attacks over 3 turns), the seadogs kept the pressure on Nathan's Kreil Warriors and Bushwackers and the cannon provided ranged support.  Nathan wound up in a position where his War Wagon and Warbeasts were on the one side of the board and he could either retreat Grim to stay out of threat range, or he could come out of his defensive position to take a shot at Shae.  He decided to risk it, missing Shae and giving me the game.

The Wrap Up:
The Buccaneers sadly rolled below average consistently, ruining my hopes of knocking Grim (or anything else) down.  I still think they were worth running, but may need some kind of buff or debuff to hit high def targets like Grim Angus.  I love the super aggressive-in your face style of play of this list.  It has a hefty threat range and has some great range options for crowd control.  With the addition of Dougal MaCnaile, I think this list would be incredibly tough.  It has aggression, solid range capacity and a ton of synergistic tricks that keep those Seadogs kicking.  You definitely want the charge with your seadogs and don't forget to keep Hawk in range so that you get that extra dice vs. warrior models.

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