Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stormwall WIP Update

So a week has gone by and it's been slow going.  Most of the basing is done, and a little bit of shading. In an effort to maintain focus, I tackled a little bit of the weathering and rust.  There are still a lot of parts I haven't decided what to do with yet, but that'll come. I haven't even begun the pods yet, but that hasn't stopped me from getting my first game in against ... myself/Malachi.  On Vassal I won one game against Jer with him, but so far I've lost every other game.  I can tell this model takes some learning.  I'm actually under the impression that against armies with a lot of heavy targets, you're better to bring a couple of Hunters, or a Hunter and Defender.  Still figuring him out.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dust Warfare - Gen Con 2012

Like many of you I have been spending my spare time watching the Gen Con 2012 coverage and I'm excited about some of the new Dust Warfare stuff that's been featured.  Here are some links to some new models for the game.  Thanks to BOLS and Battle Tactics TV!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cygnar VS Searforge - Constance VS Durgen

So Journeyman has crept up to 35 points.  Josh brought Constance, preferring to stick with learning the odd un-Cygnar caster, While Jer brought out Durgen Madhammer with a lot of heavies.  Terrain was dictated loosely by throwing a couple of handfulls of dice at the table and putting terrain where they landed.  We decided on Killing Fields for the Scenario from MK2.

Cygnar was given deployment when Durgen won the roll.  Here's the lists:
Constance Blaize
2 Chargers (one a proxied hunter)

Journeyman (proxied Sryker)
2 Storm Towers
min Stormguard

Durgen Madhammer


Lesser Warlock Brun
Lug heavy warbeast

Herne and Jon
Min Forgeguard

Cygnar's plan:
Constance wanted to stay back until absolutely necessary, using the lancer to throw boosted Sunbursts into the fray, with Reinholt to add a die on the damage.  The Stormguard would chew up charge lanes, to allow Gallant a well timed charge.  Arlan would powerboost when needed, and grant evasive action to Gallant if the opportunity arose for an assassination run.  All the while, the Storm Towers would try to take out Steinhammer and disrupt Durgen's heavies.

Searforge's Plan:
Not sure, but I think he just wanted to take advantage of the large amount of health and heavy armour to keep up pressure while Durgen carpet Bombed the snott out of my guys.

Turn 1:
Cygnar ran everything and threw a sunburst to no effect at Durgen, while .

Searforge took advantage of his +4" to deployment to get onto the objective in the middle right off the bat.  Then, under his feat, he carpet bombed and took off 9 hitpoints from Constance with a high boosted damage roll, and in the process disabled the gun on one of the chargers and got one Stormguard.

Turn 3:
Cygnar responded by Charging the Stormguard and Gallant in, but not doing enough damage to the basher on the objective to disable anything. The 3 combined to pow 15 did 3 damage on 3 dice.  The lancer Also charged in and did 2 damage to the cortex on the basher. Constance Popped her feat and received Arcane shield from the Journeyman.  The charger without a gun stood in the way of the forgeguard who just wouldn't die to several pow 10 e-leaps.

Searforge killed all of the stormguard, fuelling the feat, but was careful to not provide a charge lane to Durgen.  Prontoed basher landed way in Cygnar territory, taking out the squire and leaving the damaged charger with only 3 boxes.  The rockram charges and between it and the basher, the Lancers is stripped of its shield, but fortunately the Basher looses its cortex.

Turn 4:
This is where it got Muddy.  Constance fuelled up a Charger, and Arlan boosted Gallant.  Gallant got a focus from accumulator and without thinking, Josh beat on the basher till it broke instead of the rockram, and in the process moved out of reach of the Rockram.  Constance charged the rockram, without activating Reinholt... Doh!  And without Flank... Doh!  And sat there camping 6 focus, with Arcane Shield and praying (Arm 25).  Her charge only did 3 damage to the Jack, and Arlan had powerboosted, so his disrupting spray was no longer available.  The Charger and Stormtower had a good turn and killed Lug... or so I thought, a rehash resulted in foggy memories on numbers and Jeremy was convinced it wasn't dead, but had 2 hit poxes left.  A spectacular failure of a turn though the picture below was taken when Lug was dead.

Searforge then Used Brun to heal Lug, who then charged Gallant, and hit him with his 2 fists, allowing him to throw Gallant at Constance, which knocked her down.  Durgen shot her, for 1 point of Damage, then the Rockram hit her once to finish the deal.
Victory Searforge.

Post Game Thoughts From Cygnar:
With an early shot on Constance, I had a few significant errors that I paid for.  First, I should have used the feat turn to heal Constance and back her out instead of into the fray with 3 heavies.  Also, the Turn where she charged in, the order of Activation should have been different, Gallant should have remained in melee with the Rockram and instead of beating on the Basher, the Rockram should have felt the pain to get rid of the only significant POW Durgen had.  Once the Rockram was disabled, Constance could have camped her focus with Arcane shield to neutralize a lot of threats.  Lastly, the bear should have been dead, which we figured out in later discussion, but in the end it was my mistakes that led to Constance's demise.  Good Game Jer!

Game Points
Hobby Points
Slag Troll
Horthol dismounted and
Commander Stryker

Durgen Madhammer

Constance Blaize



Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dust:Warfare! First game

Jeremy and I finally, after months of talking about it, were able to get Dust warfare to the table. The verdict is in for me this is a great game! I've been enjoying our warmachine journeyman league but I must say at times the competition gets a little fearsome. This is partly due to the somewhat fiddly and thought intensive nature of the game. Dust feels like a breath of fresh air for me because of its don't get me wrong it is not a simple game but it plays much cleaner. I'll say more in a future post. Just thought if say to anyone who might read thisDust is a good time with a great feeling of engagement and tactical depth. I've included a pic of my recon grenadiers coming under fire from Bazooka Joe's long Tom strike.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Dust Warfare Force Builder

Maine over on the Fantasy Flight Games forum has created a java based Dust Warfare Force Builder.  It's pretty fantastic!  If you enjoy using the tool, consider making a donation to his favorite charity, the Snow Leopard Trust


War Room App Finally Here!

War Room is Finally Here!

War Room is the first official utility app released for WARMACHINE and HORDES. The app developed by TinkerHouse Games puts an extensive library of WARMACHINE and HORDES stat cards in the palm of players’ hands and gives them access to a wealth of features intended to facilitate faster and easier gameplay. In addition, users will receive regular news and rules updates from Privateer Press straight to their mobile devices.

War Room can be found at the apple store here.

War and More Radio - How to Play Dust Warfare Podcast

War and More Radio has posted a number of podcasts dedicated to teaching you how to play Dust Warfare!  

Check them out!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Constance and Gallant, finished... Finally

So moving in the middle of a paint job on a model can hit you pretty low.  Didn't know if I'd ever finish them, but here they are.  Constance and Gallant.  And while I was at it, I painted up the new Storm Tower that Jer got me for my birthday.  Thanks Bro!
Constance Blaize:
I wanted the look on Constance to be something like the Cameos and china that have the blue with raised ivory type details.  Effeminate, but strong, so I did several washes before highlighting all of the raised parts with an off-white I got to replace my old white that was getting too thick.


Wanted the blue wash to tie him in with the rest of my army.  Too many layers of paint later... Painted this guy 3 times, and should have stripped him before finally deciding on a colour scheme, but stil reasonably happy with how he came out.

And Finally, my new Storm Tower to summon the lightning!!!

Went for urban bases and a slightly different colour scheme from my other tower, to tell them apart.  The white gators were reminiscent of the American Revolution and unseen, but I envisioned how this tower would be carried, and then planted into the ground, so the base of it has been set into something of a glowing crater, like it's anchored to the ground.

Dust Warfare - Custom Stat Cards

Rodney Smith has designed custom Dust Warfare stat cards for our enjoyment.  These eliminate having to cross reference like crazy in the rulebook and they look fantastic.  Nice work Rodney!

Rodney "Watch It Played" Smith

Circle Gargantuan - Woldwrath

Privateer Press announced the new Circle of Orboros Gargantuan today!
Woldwraths stand as towering monuments to the woldcrafter art, meant to tap into and unbind the ultimate fury of Orboros. Brought to life amid strenuous, blood-fueled rituals conducted atop powerful conjunctions of ley lines, woldwraths channel the vast energies that flow within the earth. Their tempestuous assaults are prefaced by voltaic flickers that play along darkening clouds above and the pulsing runes inscribed across their stone forms.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dust Warfare - Initial Impressions Part 2

Part 1

This is the second part of my initial impressions of Dust Warfare.  To read part one click the link above.

When Fantasy Flight Games first announced that Dust Warfare/Tactics would use pre-built, primed models, many miniatures gamers concern came down to quality.  I enjoy the hobby side of miniature wargaming, but found the prebuilt and primed concept to be quite enticing.  I personally don't enjoy the building and modelling part of the hobby as much of the painting part, so this was a hit for me.  However, with the models being pre-built and made of plastic, the quality is not quite the same level as other miniature games.  
Here are some comparisons with Games Workshop and Privateer Press models.

Dust Warfare infantry compared to a Warmachine infantry

Dust Warfare infantry compared to a Space Marine

Heavy Warjack compared to a Dust Warfare Medium Walker

Here are some comparisons between the Allied and Axis models:

Light Axis Walker compared to a Light Allied Walker

Medium Allied Walker compared to a Medium Axis Walker

Medium Allied Walker compared to a Medium Axis Walker

Allied Heavy Infantry compared to Axis Heavy Infantry

As you can see, the walkers are incredibly detailed and made of a harder plastic, while the infantry are made of a less rigid, more bendable plastic.  The walkers all have moving parts like turning turrets, turnable mounted guns and other hinged parts.  They also have swappable weapons that pop into place fairly easy.  The infantry have torsos that turn.  I really like the ability to swap weapons, but the rest of the moving parts are somewhat annoying.  The turrets just lift off of the Allied walkers and fall off half the time.  The Black Hawk light walkers' weapons don't stick in all the way and continue to fall off when I move it on the table.  The turning torsos on the infantry leave them in really wonky positions that look awkward.  I will probably glue most moving parts to make the models more functional.  I suppose the argument could be that this allows modellers an opportunity to choose a pose without having to piece it together, but its a bit silly.

When comparing the Dust Warfare models to Warmachine models, the first thing that stands out is the sheer size of the walkers.  They are huge!  And, I don't have a heavy walker to compare yet.  They are also quite detailed and have some intricate parts.  However, the detail level in the troops is lacking when set next to a metal Warmachine model.  I don't think they are bad however, they are quite nice and you can tell by looking across the table what each model is representing.  They are more detailed than AT-43 models over all, which is excellent.

Game Play Impressions coming next!