Sunday, March 10, 2013

Warmachine Galleon Magnetized

I attempted to magnetize the Galleon's arms and figured you could learn from my mistakes.  I installed a large magnet in the shoulder joint thinking that it would make the model more playable (by being able to move the arms out of the way when in close melee positions) and easy to transport with removable arms.  Fortunately the magnets were strong enough to hold the arms on.  Unfortunately, they are not strong enough to position the arm.  They just spin and rest against the table.

I think I can fix the issue by putting two pins into the magnet in the arm and drilling holes in the magnet in the torso, so that the arms can still come off, but will stay in one place.

Tips: if I were to attempt this again, I would drill two holes and put two smaller magnets to keep the arms from spinning.  OR I would put the magnets on the lower part of the shoulder instead.

Hope this helps you in your Galleon construction.  Cheers.

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  1. so what diameter and what strength were the magnets?