Wednesday, May 08, 2013

BGMM Club Theme Tournament Begins

The BGMM club got together last night to begin a Theme Tournament based loosely on the Machinations League Scenarios. Jason, Adrian, Jer and Josh brought their chosen casters, that they are locked into for the first half of the story.

Josh - Constance Blaize - Cygnar
Adrian - Absylonia - Legion of Everblight
Jer - Shae - Mercenaries
Jason - eHaley - Cygnar

Our first scenario was "Ghost Town".  In the middle of the board were 3 caches with random effects when plundered by a warcaster.  Victory was by caster kill.  Additionally, Josh and Jason's game had the "Whispers in the Wind" region effect, wherein a warcaster would gain a 3" movement on a roll of 6 at the start of their activation, while Adrian and  Jer's battle had no regional effect.

Armies were limited to 35 points, but that didn't stop Adrian, Jer and Josh from fielding their colossals/gargantuan.

Both tables were densely covered by the ruins of the town, buildings, linear obstacles, raised terrain and lots of cover.  It would be a spooky encounter.  In the end, Shae had lit his army on fire from a booby trapped cache, which was surprisingly enough to finish off the Galleon.  Absylonia's feat proved frustrating for him, and it was Legion that captured the town.

In the Cygnar confrontation, Constance's Stormwall was destined to be in a constant state of repair.  An agressive charge by her Stormguard made it possible for the Lightning Towers to knock out Gorman and even put some hurt on eHaley.  Between his Hunter and Avenger, the Stormwall was stalled and pierced by shells, making its right side useless.  Constance became tough from a cache, and more lightning finished eHaley off, granting victory to Josh's Morrowans.

Here's the breakdown:

Josh - 1 V, 39 Destruction Points
Adrian -1 V, 35 Destruction Points
Jason - 1 L, 15 Destruction Points
Jer - 1 L, 6 Destruction Points

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