Friday, May 24, 2013

BGMM Tournament Rematch

Adrian offered to replay the first round of the tournament against me, so I obliged.  Obviously!  He nearly tabled me with his Absylonia list, so I was glad to have the opportunity to show him what Shae could really do.  Well, that didn't really happen, with Adrian securing a very decisive win.  Both sides played defensively to start, which meant that Absylonia got up the table and positioned behind a wall.  This made it very easy for her to drop Blight Field on my Galleon every turn.  Having the backbone of my army essentially shut down for the majority of the game made it difficult to put any damage on Legion.  The Seadogs made an impressive charge on Archangel, putting 34 damage on Archangel.  But, Archangel crushed my Galleon and Shae shortly after.  It was a challenging game with Legion neutralizing all threats, and then healing 50 damage boxes on Absylonia's feat turn.  Good game Adrian!  Here's the new score:

Josh - 1 V, 39 Destruction Points
Adrian -1 V, 35 Destruction Points
Jason - 1 L, 15 Destruction Points
Jer - 1 L, 8 Destruction Points

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