Thursday, May 30, 2013

Concept work for Privateer Boardgame

Faced with the reality of having to come up with original artwork for this game, I've been mucking about with concept artwork to communicate clearly what we want to accomplish.  I want to make sure the game has a familiar feel to fans of the Wing Commander games, but at the same time, bring something new to the mix, that re-envisions some of the new aspects of the game.  For example, you can fly military and Kilrathi ships and deal in Contraband and piracy.  These added elements have changed some of the dynamic of the game, despite sharing its core elements with the Privateer/Freelancer games.

Once again, we are looking for more input from people on the game and how it is developing, so shoot me an email at privateer.boardgame(at) if you're interested in participating.

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