Saturday, May 04, 2013

Our next Warmachine Tournament

Our next tournament is about to begin!  This time we are playing a selection of revised Machinations League Scenarios.  Here are the proposed rules.  FULL SCENARIO DOCUMENT HERE

BGMM Club Tournament
Based Loosely on the Machinations League Scenarios
Something bizarre is occurring across Western Immoren. A new and unseen threat is on the rise— someone or something that will alter the wars of the Iron Kingdoms forever. The effects are being felt all across the land, whether it be the sudden disappearance of an entire village’s population unnatural seismic catastrophes, or any number of other unexplainable phenomena. Who or what is behind this? Gather your army and face your foes at the sites of these strange anomalies. The truth must be discovered.
List Building
Players must choose 1 Warcaster/Warlock for the duration of the tournament, but may build different lists for each scenario.  Warjack/Warbeast Bonds can be used as the tournament continues, so there is an incentive for keeping the same jacks or beasts in your lists for following games.
All scenarios use Steamroller deployment rules (Player 1 - 7” deployment, Player 2 - 10” deployment) unless otherwise stated in the scenario.
5 Player Round Robin Tournament
Games can be played anytime, anywhere and are scheduled by the players
 In Person Games: 10 min turns with one 3 min extension (+3 min extension if playing a scenario with reinforcements)
No time restriction on game length, only timed turns (*unless otherwise noted in the scenario description).
Vassal Games: No time limit, but keep it reasonable
Points: The player with the most wins at the end of the tournament will win the club trophy.  If two players are tied, the win goes to the player with the most destruction points.
Player Schedule:
The player schedule will be defined by a roll of the dice AFTER all army lists have been submitted.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Ghost Town
The Perfect Storm
Evisceration Via
King of the Hill
Spoiled Soil
Walk Softly

Map Regions
Before each game, the players should determine which map region they are fighting over. A D10 is rolled on the Regions chart below.
• Region 1 – Haunted Mine
The local population has become terrified of the nearby coal mine, claiming that vengeful spirits infest the tunnels. Soldiers passing through this territory are becoming increasingly cautious and paranoid. All models in this region suffer –1 CMD.
• Region 2 – Unstable Grounds
The ground is pocketed with man-sized sinkholes that appear without warning! In this region, whenever a non-warcaster/ non-warlock, small-based warrior model ends its activation on a hill or within a forest, roll a d6. On a roll of a 1, remove that model from play.
• Region 3 – Ultraviolent Aura
Something is causing all warjacks or warbeasts that pass through this area to become highly aggressive and sometimes uncontrollable. Warjacks and warbeasts gain Aggressive and Berserk. (A model affected by Aggressive can run or charge without spending focus or being forced. When a model with Berserk destroys one or more models with a melee attack during its combat action, immediately after the attack is resolved it must make one additional melee attack against another model in its melee range.)
• Region 4 – Cranial Distortion
Residents of this area have begun to suffer terrible headaches and hallucinations, sometimes blacking out without warning. At the beginning of each warrior unit’s activation the unit must pass a command check or all models within that unit suffer
–2 MAT and RAT.
Region 5 – Whispers in the Wind
Strange, faint sounds can constantly be heard in this area. They almost sound like someone speaking . . . or is it screaming? Whenever a warcaster or warlock activates in this region, roll a d6. On a roll of a 6, the whispers reveal secrets about the enemy plans, and this model can immediately advance 3 ̋.
• Region 6 – Illusionary Haze
The air here shimmers and twists as if affected by extreme heat, and visibility is severely reduced. All models in this region gain Stealth. In this region, models with Eyeless Sight do not ignore Stealth.
• Region 7 – Kinetic Conundrum
An unseen force is pushing, pulling, and tossing objects around. Whatever this is, it’s strong enough to lift a warjack! At the beginning of each player’s turn, that player can choose any large- or smaller-based enemy model and place it completely within 3 ̋ of its current location but cannot change its facing.
• Region 8 – Dumb Hole
If there are any insects or wildlife here, they aren’t making a sound. Everything is dead silent. There is no game effect for playing in this region.
• Region 9 – Celestial Conflux
The night skies are filled with strange lights that contort and blur. There is no game effect for playing in this region.
• Region 10 – Abandoned Defense
An armed defensive position has been abandoned on each side of this region.  Starting with the first player, opponents place a Gun Emplacement on their half of the board, within 10” of the centre line.  Gun Emplacement rules from Scenario 4 are followed.

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