Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Playtesting Moves into the Real World for Privateer

We've been playing this game to death, and even my wife has had a blast doing so.  But with the Vassal experience being unlike a real world game, it has come time to print the game and put it through the rigorous testing it needs.
Adrian saw path to victory almost immediately, and very quickly chalked up bounty hunter kills, putting him to 2 victory points in only 10 turns.  Jeremy was flying his newly acquired Centurion, and set for combat when I landed a couple of sweet missions.  One saw me delivering a family and their possessions to Midas, while the second saw me meet up with a damaged Confed fighter in need of an escort.  A rousing battle with the Kilrathi ensued, and I just escaped to land on Rigel, and collect 2 victory points.  Neck and neck, I just beat out Adrian for the third point to win the game.

The game has a variable victory point structure, allowing you to adjust to the needs of your group.  It is recommended to play to 3 points for your first game.

Good times, and in the future I'll remember to have Centurions and a Kilrathi encounter sheet done up!

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