Saturday, July 27, 2013

Assembling Cylena and the Nyss Hunters

I've heard that these models are tough to assemble, primarily because of the three point assembly of their arms, holding the claymores.  Having never struggled with this kind of assembly, I have put together a record of how I do them, and some tips on how to assemble this unit.

Opening the Box, you will find 4 different bodies and several different arms and accessories.
Note the different arms and which one's belong to Cylena
I then separated the components to assemble each model with the appropriate arms.  Note that Cylena's arms do not have the pin connection to attach at the shoulder, but instead attach under her shoulders.

With the models separated, I could then work, allowing glue to dry while assembling the next one in line.  I attached them to their bases, and began work on their arms.  To do this, I measure the width of their shoulders with my finger tip, and glue the hands to the sword, while paying attention to the angle of the shoulder pins.  Don't worry about getting the measurement exact, but try to get the pins to point towards eachother, and at a parallel alignment where the joint will seat.
Note the shoulders alignment
Now, while the glue is still slightly pliable, I apply glue to the shoulders of the torso, and pinch the shoulders into place.  I think the key to getting these right is paying close attention to how the swords are supposed to look, especially in the case of Cylena.
Pinching the shoulders
For Cylena, it's a little different. Because she does not have the shoulder sockets, I began by glueing the sword arm in place, guessing the position of the second arm.  Propping it on her back, it could dry without being held for long - about 20 seconds.  Then, again while the glue is slightly tacky - after about 5-10 minutes, I could glue the second arm in place while plying the first arm a little for fit.
Arm 1 in place
With everything glued roughly in place, I could fill the small gaps with more superglue, and get the bowmen built.
Now they were assembled, I applied a thinned primer so you can see the detail on these fantastic models.  There is a lot of variation you can create within this set, with very little conversion needed to have a varied unit.  I haven't attached the sheathed claymores and bows as I'll be painting them separately, but you can see the detail is very satisfying in these.
Bowman grunt

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