Thursday, July 11, 2013

Journeyman Preview from Privateer No Quarter - Tactics Kickstarter!

Well, there's a preview out from Privateer Press.  We haven't posted anything in a while about Warmachine, so I just couldn't let this one go.
Have a look:

Now this also coincides with the launch of the Privateer Press Kickstarter campaign to fund their first videogame - Warmachine Tactics, under the developer name "Privateer Press Interactive" and in cooperation with the relatively unknown "Whitemoon Dreams" studio.

Now a couple of years ago, Whitemoon Dreams and Privateer Press partnered to produce a preview of an action adventure game set in the Steam-Punk/Dystopian world of West Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms.  This game has not materialized, having faced prohibitive publishing and development issues.  Now, having embraced the crowd-sourced funding method, they hope to develop this game as an independent production.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign:

Having only announced the Kickstarter campaign yesterday, and already they have seen $426,012 of the required $550,000 raised, I have little doubt this project will be funded soon.  However something to notice, is that one of the characters of the game becomes a Cryx warcaster, but Cryx as a faction is unlocked as a stretch goal at $650,000.  Additionally, there is no mention of any Hordes factions, however I expect that as the game continues to be in development, that could be a reality over the following year.

Thoughts and comments?  What do you think of the new journeyman casters or the tactics game?

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