Friday, October 18, 2013

Dreadball - First Forray

Aside from a brief stint in my youth in which I collected thousands of Hockey cards, read Beckett Book daily and could rhyme off player stats, number of error cards per series and who won what trophies each season ... I have little interest in team sports.  That said, I've always been intrigued by the concept of playing the role of coach throughout a season and improving the stats of the team members etc.  Enter Blood Bowl ... I read the rules, read the reviews and watched some how to play videos ... and it looked like a slog.  If I am playing a sports game, I want it to be fast and furious, not 3 hour grinds with impossible combinations.  Then, I was listening the the Meeples and Miniatures podcast and those guys (who are usually hard on games that are outside of the historical range) fell in love with this Dreadball game.  "Well," I thought, "that's enough to convince me!"  So I watched the Beasts of War Dreadball Academy videos and traded off some Warmachine models to pick up my own copy of Dreadball.
I have now played 2 games solo to learn the rules and two games in person.  So, I'm still a rookie, but I'm enjoying this game immensely.
Last night I played a game as the Marauders vs Corporation and it was a blast!  The game began with a Corporation Striker spending his first action to pick up the ball, scattering it and ending their Rush.  Never try to pick up the ball first!  So, I gained the advantage early on.  I slammed some players and scored a point with a Jack.  The following Rushes ping ponged back and forth with little scoring until I sprinted a Guard up into the Corporation end, slammed a Striker and then scored a 3 pointer with a Jack.  I was in the lead by 4 points.  The Corporation team responded by running a Striker into my end and scoring a 2 pointer.  The game was mine, with one rush remaining for the Corporation player.  The ball sitting in my end and two strikers standing in scoring zones.  I had two guards in slamming range PLUS one on the bench.  So, I spent my turn pounding Strikers.  The first Guard slammed a Striker, knocking him down.  The second Guard slammed the other striker, injuring him for 2.  The third Guard took one action to move off the bench and another action to Stomp the knocked down Striker, doing 7 damage with the Coaching die, taking him out of the game!  The ref didn't like that and sent him off for a one round penalty.
But, with all my actions spent, I hadn't picked up the ball.  Much to my surprise, the Corporation player had banked some cards.  So he managed to sprint a Striker off the bench twice, pick up the ball (doubling it for a free action) and then scored a three pointer - moving the score to 1 for the Corporation!  I was left with little choice but to attempt a strike.  I bought some cards (picking up a throw special action) and managed to get my Jack in range of a strike...but failed.  Great game!
I have just begun working on a paint scheme for the Marauders.  The models came partially painted, but I am not a fan.  So, here is the start of the paint scheme I'm thinking of.  Let me know what you think:

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