Monday, November 04, 2013

Bring on the Tide of Memoir!

With Warmachine out the door, my son and I searched for a game that would be rooted in reality, educational and enjoyable to play.  It needed to be paintable, detailed and provide a balanced experience that I could easily tailor to a young child's ability to play.

Now understand that Warmachine has a very thick rulebook, but some wonderful educational attributes. Measuring, map reading addition and subtraction.  And big robots that beat on eachother!  How can a board game compete with that?  One word - Historical.

Having played Memoir 44 for a long time, my eyes were opened to the possibilities in that game.  So With my son's approval, we used some of the money from the sale of our warmachine models to pick up the Tide of Iron box set, and WOW there is a lot of stuff in there.  And almost everything is compatible with Memoir 44.

While he's not quite ready to be playing the Tide of Iron ruleset, we tackled our first Memoir 44 Overlord game today, expanding the board with new terrain, and using a variety of models to represent special forces and other requirements, the two games meshed pretty well and I think we enjoyed the game more than ever before.  It was especially neat to talk about what we did afterward, and what happened historically.  What was done differently, and who was there.

I am looking forward to getting many more of these models painted, with division markings and other identifying marks to make this game really pop for us.

As a note for others looking to make games work for little ones, the adjustments we've made to memoir is to pull the cards out for now, and instead allow the player to roll the number of dice equal to the number of command cards in the scenario.  Each symbol rolled can be used to command a unit of its kind.  A Grenade can be anything, and a flag can be artillery.

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