Saturday, December 14, 2013

How To Build a 2-Piece 4'x8' Warhammer/Warmachine table WIP

When I sold our old table, that we had played many a game upon, I was a little sad to see it go.  However, the person who bought it was so happy with the table that they came back and asked for another one.  This one was to be larger.  In fact large enough that to put it in their basement, it needed to be made in two pieces.

I began with the base frames, made out of 2x3, and fastened OSB sheets to the frame before screwing the cross bracing, to ensure it was square.

Then applied a mortar mix to the surface with an old blister pack and putty knife.  You can vary the texture easily, build it up instantly and shape it to look like mud or rocks, and even let it dry smooth as sand if you like.  And best of all, it self adheres and is paintable within a few hours.  The one I used was "infused with polymers," making it less brittle, cost $15 and was enough to do 3 - 4'x4' pieces, with more to spare.

When ready, I painted a black and grey base coat, done as a wash to settle into the texture.  Then dry brushed layers of hazel and tan.

The style of table they want is one with a spring thaw, of mixed grass and snow.  So I've put on a mix of salt and baking soda, as well as flock and static grass mix, sifted through a metal strainer, which in my experience makes most of them stand up on end.

So I still have some work to do, more blending of snow and some ice in the frozen ponds.  I'll be using a crackle solution on top of the blue base.

I hope to update this with the finished table and hopefully they will send me some shots of models and terrain on it!

Update:  The board was picked up today, before I could take any photos of the ice and other effects I finished on it.  He was pleased with it, and promised to send pictures.

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