Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Privateer Press Releases Steamroller 2013

Steamroller 2013 is live!  Earlier this year, which is great!  We'll be developing another Old Married Men Tournament soon, so I look forward to reviewing this.  You can download it here.

They have also listed Hardcore and Masters in separate documents here.

What do you all think?  Is it more streamlined as they promised?  They have reduced it to 12 Scenarios which is good.  It certainly looks purdy!

January 2013 Errata from Privateer Press

Check it out, Privateer Press has published another updated Errata: Download Here.

One notable change is in the Trample power attack no longer being "melee attacks" and now "melee attack rolls".  This means no more targeting required and no more snacking for trampling Trolls.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Live Warmachine Tournament

Our tournament continues tonight with Jason's Cara Sloan list facing off against Jeremy's Gorten list and Josh's Seige list vs Adrian's Rhyas list. About to meet in the middle. 

 Gorten gets up field quickly and positions his Avalancher in time to take Cara Sloan out second turn!

Legion had Siege on the ropes after Josh wiffed 5 rolls with a slew of 1's.  The Scythean snuck around the Stormwall in hopes of assassinating Siege, but luck was against Adrian and Legion couldn't put the damage on.  Stormwall power attacked with a Power Strike, knocking Ryas down for the Black 13th to finish off Ryas for a Cygnar win!

Player Schedule:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Scenario #15
Scenario #9
Scenario #8
Scenario #3
Scenario #6
Jeremy vs Adrian
Nathan vs Jeremy
Josh vs Nathan
Jason vs Josh
Adrian vs Jason
Jason vs Nathan
Adrian vs Josh
Jeremy vs Jason
Nathan vs Adrian
Josh vs Jeremy
Josh Bye
Jason Bye
Adrian Bye
Jeremy Bye
Nathan Bye


Tournament Points
Control Points
OPP AP Destroyed

The journey to fame and glory--and a sweet club trophy--continues.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kevin Wilson left Fantasy Flight Games

Kevin Wilson has been designing games for Fantasy Flight Games for years. He has designed such popular titles as Descent Journey in the Dark and Civilization as well as being a significant contributer to my favorite board game Cosmic Encounter. He has been discussing this move for some time on BoardGameGeek.com
Part 1
Part 2
It is very interesting for me to read as a player of the games he has produced and because of his entrepreneurial mindset. Good luck Kevin! I look forward to what you produce next!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Small World Realms

Small World made a splash when it first came out, a revisit to the mechanics of Vinci in a fantasy realm.

If the vast number of character combinations weren't enough to add to the replayability of Small World, the Realms expansion has certainly taken it over the top.  This expansion combines the Tunnels Expansion with a wide array of modular terrain tiles to make the map different every time you play.  It also comes with 12 preset scenarios which offer balanced objective based play.

Each scenario has setups for 2 - 6 players, each providing a vastly different game.  Check out some of these cool maps:

Photo by: GeekInsight
The tiles are reversible so that you can play both the core Small World and Small World Underground. You only need a copy of the core (or underground) to play.

1. Endless Replayability
2. Scenarios add a new dynamic to the game.  Some involve starting from one end of the map and others challenge you to capture and hold objectives to earn more points.
3. Quality of components.  The art is fantastic, the cardboard is solid and the bits match up to the quality of the core sets.
4. Fun factor!  If you liked Small World, this ramps up the fun factor big time.

Not so Awesome:
1. Setup time increases significantly.  The tiles are labeled with letters (normal on one side, and strange italic font on the other side), but they are difficult to tell apart.  Some scenarios will take as long to set up as it does to play.