Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Warmachine Tournament Continues & Ends for Some

Our Warmachine Tournament continued last night with Jeremy's Gorten List facing off against Nathan's Grim Angus list; and Jason's Kara Sloan list facing Adrian's Epic Vayl list.
Mercs vs Trolls was Scenario #9 Outflank, Outfight, Outlast (Dual Scenario)
With corner deployment, it felt like the first turns were mad dashes to the middle of the table.  And everyone knows that Dwarves are slow.. so you can see the trolls had the advantage, quickly flying across the field.
The Rhulfolk did what they do best and 'bricked up,' suffering only a few casualties in the Trolls advance.
They then retaliated, eliminating the unit of Burrowers and taking out half of the Kriel Warriors.  The Basher came in as reinforcements.

After losing the Burrowers and the Kriel Warriors, Nathan brought in some infantry for reinforcements and put some hurt on the Driller with Grim.  Dwarves retaliated with combined range attacks on Grim.  Rat 15 Pow 20 vs his def 20 (with cover from a wall) arm 15, put 15 damage on him, which was transferred to the Blitzer.  This left Grim with no fury left.  So the dwarves combine fired again using their captain's blazing.  Sadly, they rolled a 4, missing him completely.  With the 'lock kill out of the picture this turn, the dwarves took their defensive stance and prepared for the worst.  And the worst became apparent when Jeremy realized that points are accumulated for each player on each player's turn and he had not contested the other objective.  This meant Nathan would get his third point at the end of his turn.  Nathan got a scenario win with 3 control points, Jeremy lost with 2 control points.

Cygnar vs Legion was Scenario #6 Destruction.  It looked like Cygnar had the upper hand in the early game, with the destruction of Angelius and Scythean.  Nicely done Jason!  But, forgetting about Ryas's pow 15 Obliteration spell, Jason left Sloan too open and was defeated.


Great games guys!  Here's the status:

Player Schedule:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Scenario #15
Scenario #9
Scenario #8
Scenario #3
Scenario #6
Jeremy vs Adrian
Nathan vs Jeremy
Josh vs Nathan
Jason vs Josh
Adrian vs Jason
Jason vs Nathan
Adrian vs Josh
Jeremy vs Jason
Nathan vs Adrian
Josh vs Jeremy
Josh Bye
Jason Bye
Adrian Bye
Jeremy Bye
Nathan Bye


Tournament Points
Control Points
OPP AP Destroyed

Jeremy and Adrian have completed all of their tournament games.  Josh has two games remaining, and Nathan and Jason have one.  So, for Josh to win the tournament he needs at least one win and 46 destruction points.  He has two games to do it.  For Adrian to win, Josh has to lose one or both of the next two games and come out with less than 46 points.
For the rest of us, Nathan just needs 1 more destruction point to put himself into third place.  And, Jason and Jeremy will enjoy the bottom two spots.

The journey to fame and glory--and a sweet club trophy--continues.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Convergence of Cyriss Announced

So Privateer Press has introduced a new faction to the game that looks like a mental shift from the traditional Hordes VS Warmachine resource management.  Have a look:

My initial thoughts?  It looks to me like a hybrid of the efficiency of Hordes, and the build of Warmachine.  Personally, I think they look a little out of place in the world, but the described Caster-centric abilities make me giddy.  I really think these will be super fun to play.  Thoughts?  Share below:)