Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fiona the Black vs Captain Jeremiah Kraye 35pts

Tonight Jason and I played a 35pt Tournament Game.
Scenario 5. Spoiled Soil – 35pts


Someone—or something—has tampered with a powerful ley line that runs through this battlefield.   Powerful vortexes of arcane energy sweep across the land, causing havoc to those unfortunate enough to contact them.

Players cannot place additional terrain within 3˝ of any other terrain feature.
Place two 5˝ AOEs in accordance with the map below. These AOEs are the arcane vortexes.

Special Rules

At the start of each round, the second player activates the arcane vortex of his choice. Then the first player activates the other one.

When an arcane vortex activates, choose a direction and place the AOE 2d6˝ in that direction. Vortexes cannot be placed off of the table.

When the arcane vortex is placed touching any part of a model’s base, that model suffers a POW 6 magic damage roll and cannot make ranged or melee attacks for one round.

When a model moves into or ends its activation within the AOE of an arcane vortex, that model suffers a POW 12 magic damage roll and cannot cast spells for one round.

Ranged and magic attacks made against a model within an arcane vortex automatically miss.

Victory Conditions

A player wins when he has the only warcasters/warlocks remaining in play.

Mercenaries - Highborn Covenant - Fiona Highborn
41 / 41 (35+6)    Warcaster(s) : 1/1    Warjack(s) : 4    Battle Engines : 0    Solos : 6    Units : 1
Fiona the Black - WJ: +6
-    Freebooter - PC: 6
-    Freebooter - PC: 6
First Mate Hawk - PC: 2
Dirty Meg - PC: 2
-    Buccaneer - PC: 3
-    Buccaneer - PC: 3
Bosun Grogspar - PC: 2
Doc Killingsworth - PC: 2
Lord Rockbottom - PC: 2
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios - PC: 3
Sea Dog Crew - Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
-    Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster - Mr. Walls 2

41 / 41 (35+6)    Warcaster(s) : 1/1    Warjack(s) : 4    Battle Engines : 0    Solos : 1    Units : 2
Captain Jeremiah Kraye - WJ: +6
-    Squire
-    Hammersmith - PC: 8
-    Hunter - PC: 6
-    Minuteman - PC: 5
-    Defender - PC: 9
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - PC: 2
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team - Lynch, Ryan & Watts: 4
Rangers - Leader & Grunts: 5

The Game
This was an epic game.  First of all because it was the first game on my new terrain table:

But also because it came down to fisticuffs between Fiona and Kraye.
Jason won the roll and let Fiona deploy first.  Fiona deployed slightly to the right in hopes of utilizing the forest for concealment.  Kraye deployed dead centre with his rangers and Hunter on the left side to utilize the forest for concealment.
We then rolled for the vortexes and Jason rolled an amazing double sixes.  This moved the 5" AOE straight onto my sea dogs, killing 5 of them.
My first turn I ran from the AOE, positioning my sea dogs up the right side of the board with solos behind.  My jacks followed up the rear.  I knew I had to rush up the board as Jason had a lot of range headed for me.
On Jason's turn he moved half of his rangers out to gain marked target on my sea dogs and took out a few of them. A few of them passed tough rolls to stay on the board.  Then the Hunter opened up on one of my Freebooters, doing significant damage and knocking out its cortex.  The rest of his army moved up while the Defender took a shot at my Buccaneer and missed.

On my next turn, my sea dogs took out three of the rangers and positioned themselves to block up the solos and charge lanes.  Then my buccaneer advanced and knocked the Hammersmith down.  The rest of my army moved up to get into position for the next turn.  Fiona failed an influence shot at the Rangers as they are stealth.

Jason used the next turn to begin laying waste to my army.  He destroyed my sea dogs, all of them failing command checks.  He killed a freebooter, and knocked the majority of my solos down to one or two boxes.

I responded by swinging and missing with most of my army, putting some damage on the Hammersmith and killing one of the Black 13th.

This is where it gets interesting.  Jason kills everything in my army except for Fiona and the 2 buccaneers (which were Jack Marshalled to Dirty Meg).  PLUS he landed the vortex onto Fiona, so she couldn't perform a melee or ranged attack.  So, I went aggressive, position one buccaneer so that it was in melee with the Hammersmith and a Black 13th and then did 3 damage to the Black 13th.  Then Fiona moved up, kept all of her focus and activated the other Buccaneer.  Fiona is sitting pretty much open with Def 16 and Arm 22.

Jason responds by destroying both Buccaneers, but he just can't put enough damage on Fiona.  Everything misses except the Defender who puts 6 damage on her with a charge.  She then charges out of melee into melee with Kraye.  The Defender misses the free strike, so she's sitting pretty in melee with Kraye with 7 focus on her.  After three attacks, she has knocked him down to 3 boxes remaining.  Kraye responds by thumping away on her with the Defender, Kraye (who then moves away 6") and two Rangers.  But, they leave just one box left.  So, finally, Fiona uses Soulfire to kill one of the Rangers, charges Kraye (Defender misses the free strike again) and manages to put the remaining 3 damage on to finish Kraye.

What a battle!

Jeremy: Assassination Victory
Destruction Points: 34

Jason: Lost
Destruction Points: 35