Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dreadball Sunday Night Slacker League - ONLINE on VASSAL

Announcing the Sunday Night Slacker League! 
Where: On Vassal
Date: Sunday nights, February 9 - March 9
Time: 7:45 EST

League Expectations: Show up, or don't.. doesn't matter. This is a Slackers League for those of us who want to play but have lives. Essentially, we hope to set a time when people will be online to play games. And heck, lets keep our league stats!
League Rules: Current Season 3 Rules
Starting Revenue: 30mc
MVP Auction: Draw one MVP randomly from the Reference Card Deck per 2 players who are online ready to play.
Results: Posted by you and your opponent on the Facebook Group after each game.
Use the following format for posting results:

Team Name, Faction, Coach's Name, Score, Win, Tie, Loss, League Points, Kills, Team Value

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