Saturday, October 25, 2014

Water Table Project Part 3

Work continues on the table.  I dadoed an outside trim onto the board as a decorative edge, and support, allowing both sides of the table to be used.

For those of you who do not know how to dado, it involves cutting a slot into the board, for another board to fill.  This provides a "T" intersection between the game board and the edge.  It can be done in a single cut with a dado blade, or with several cuts with a plain blade, then chiselled out to be smooth.

Inside of the dado I put a bead of calking that will hold the board in place, and mitered the corners with a holding screw and some finishing nails. Then began the work of laying out the Merchants and Marauders land formations.
There will be plenty of space for players to keep event cards, and their own boards, while playing.  And other games can be played on different arrangements of terrain, or another layer on top, or on the opposite side.  I will update again with more details on how I will be shaping the islands, and when I have a finish on the outside edge.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You thought you were too far into the hobby...

... And then you saw this:

Though sadly, it is not a game, but a diorama of the battle of Waterloo.  The total area covered is about 30m square, and c consists of more than 15000, hand cast and painted pewter soldiers.  This glorious work of art is the handiwork of Andre Rudolph, of Germany.

His website can be viewed here: and while in german, google can translate it.  A video tour is on youtube here:

His next project is now a medieval battle of Worringen 1288, with 6000 knights on horse, and 4000 peasants.  The battle of Waterloo took almost 8 years, so we'll see how long the next one takes.

Just think of rolling all those dice...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Water Table Project Part 2

Josh here, and I began the painting today.

A mottled patch work of navy blue and a deep blue formed the base coat.
Then using a large sponge, picked at and torn to make it uneven, I began with a dabbing of baby blue, and turqoise.  Then using a straight side, and white, i made wave trains.

Now for the water effect I couldn't find the glass coat, and so I went with a couple of layers of water-based clear glossy varnish, mixed with a little blue paint.

There is still some more work to be done, maybe another layer of varnish and the table's edge to be attached, and of course LAND.  This will also be a double sided table, so there is also the option of making the other side, straight land, or maybe I should go with something a little more... out there.

I think it would be better to do this with a smoother substrate in the future.  Spruce plywood, though inexpensive, is also pretty rough.  Click on the images to view larger versions and you'll see the grain is still quite visible.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Water Table Project Part 1

BGMM Josh here.  A lot has happenned in my life this year, moving into a new career and moving to Muskoka.  And now I find myself sitting at a painting table with some old minis to finish up, and no table on which to play.  Given our love of Merchants and Marauders, I think it's time to finally build the table I've envisioned for some time.

The Premise:
Instead of building a land table, with rivers and ponds that sit upon it, I would like to build a water table, with land that sits on it.  The premise being that I can play sea based games, land games and games of different scale on modular inserts.

The inspiration:
Here's an instructional from the guys at Knights of Dice:

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Fall 2014 Dreadball League Begins!

Our game group has started a new league this fall.  Our kick off saw only 3 players, so what better way to begin a league than a game of Ultimate?!

It was Z'zor vs Veer-Myn vs Corporation.  It was a tense game with my Veer-Myn leading, followed by Z'zor leading and then the Corporation winning in the 5th rush!  The most memorable moments included the Z'zor Guard injuring 2 players and killing 3.  One of which was a Veer-Myn guard who mistakingly thought he could get away with a cheeky slam without momentum.  The final noteworthy play was the Corporation Striker running, picking up the ball, doubling, getting a free throw, running and scoring to finish the game.

Following the game, we prepared our Rosters for the season.  Here is the Newmarket DirtyRats (Veer-Myn) Roster:

Looking forward to the coming games.