Friday, October 03, 2014

Fall 2014 Dreadball League Begins!

Our game group has started a new league this fall.  Our kick off saw only 3 players, so what better way to begin a league than a game of Ultimate?!

It was Z'zor vs Veer-Myn vs Corporation.  It was a tense game with my Veer-Myn leading, followed by Z'zor leading and then the Corporation winning in the 5th rush!  The most memorable moments included the Z'zor Guard injuring 2 players and killing 3.  One of which was a Veer-Myn guard who mistakingly thought he could get away with a cheeky slam without momentum.  The final noteworthy play was the Corporation Striker running, picking up the ball, doubling, getting a free throw, running and scoring to finish the game.

Following the game, we prepared our Rosters for the season.  Here is the Newmarket DirtyRats (Veer-Myn) Roster:

Looking forward to the coming games.

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