Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Water Table Project Part 2

Josh here, and I began the painting today.

A mottled patch work of navy blue and a deep blue formed the base coat.
Then using a large sponge, picked at and torn to make it uneven, I began with a dabbing of baby blue, and turqoise.  Then using a straight side, and white, i made wave trains.

Now for the water effect I couldn't find the glass coat, and so I went with a couple of layers of water-based clear glossy varnish, mixed with a little blue paint.

There is still some more work to be done, maybe another layer of varnish and the table's edge to be attached, and of course LAND.  This will also be a double sided table, so there is also the option of making the other side, straight land, or maybe I should go with something a little more... out there.

I think it would be better to do this with a smoother substrate in the future.  Spruce plywood, though inexpensive, is also pretty rough.  Click on the images to view larger versions and you'll see the grain is still quite visible.

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