Saturday, October 25, 2014

Water Table Project Part 3

Work continues on the table.  I dadoed an outside trim onto the board as a decorative edge, and support, allowing both sides of the table to be used.

For those of you who do not know how to dado, it involves cutting a slot into the board, for another board to fill.  This provides a "T" intersection between the game board and the edge.  It can be done in a single cut with a dado blade, or with several cuts with a plain blade, then chiselled out to be smooth.

Inside of the dado I put a bead of calking that will hold the board in place, and mitered the corners with a holding screw and some finishing nails. Then began the work of laying out the Merchants and Marauders land formations.
There will be plenty of space for players to keep event cards, and their own boards, while playing.  And other games can be played on different arrangements of terrain, or another layer on top, or on the opposite side.  I will update again with more details on how I will be shaping the islands, and when I have a finish on the outside edge.

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