Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dystopian Legions 2.0 FAQ is up

Dystopian Legions 2.0 is only in its second month since release, and it has not been without its problems.  I myself have encountered some of its issues.

When purchasing a box of models for example.  The rules for these models are not in the 1.0 quick play manual you could download, they are instead in a separate document called ORBATS.  These are available from the Spartan Games Download section and are supposed to be updated regularly.  The ORBATS are from 2.0, so there are several rules that don't coincide or work with the 1.0 manual.  So here I have a 1.0 manual without the 1.0 ORBATS, and the 2.0 ORBATS without the 2.0manual.  The manual is on preorder, with an undisclosed eta. So in Canada, at this time, the new tac card deck and manual are only available through the 2 player box set.

There are other interesting caueats in there too.  For example the Antarctican commandos have a model with a radio-like device on his back, that is mentioned to have a future use or purpose.  The new manual talks about having a deck of 16 cards, but only 12 are available at the moment.  The 2 new factions also have glaring holes in the army that will need to be filled sooner than later.  The 2 player box set has enough to keep 2 people busy for some time, but not enough is available to play against the prior factions, who have ironclads and cavalry or flying type units.  All of this could be good as it leaves room for expansion, but feels like holes, and not horizons with great things on the other side.  Images of 3D renders in the stores and on the website instead of professionally painted models only adds to the impression of a rushed or incomplete product.

This feels like the kind of game that will continually be changing which really makes the purchase of a paper manual something for the collector, while those looking for just the rules themselves, and in searchable pdf form no less, will likely stick with the download.

Some of this is now thankfully clarified by the FAQ they've published today, but one has to wonder how they managed to publish a manual that needed a 6 page FAQ in so short a time.  (Get the FAQ here)  At least these are mostly clarifications, and on another plus side, the core manuals for all of Spartan's games will become available for free download over the next 2 months.

December 8th - Firestorm Armada

December 17th - Dystopian Wars

January 12th - Dystopian Legions and Firestorm Planetfall

I suppose we could think of this as a release day patch like Destiny or Battlefield games require.

Also, the Russians are coming!  Spartan has promised that 2015 will see a lot of new releases and development in the Dystopian Legions world.

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