Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exalted Hero of Chaos - Games Day 2009 Figure

Very early in my adult hobby days, when my brother had it in him to convince me to play a tabletop game, we wanted to go to Games Day.  Games Day is an event put on by Games Workshop, the manufacturer behind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 as well as the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game - which we played.

Now there were 2 ways to get in for free and, given my disinterest and open mocking of cosplay, we decided to form a club and enter a custom table.  Little did I know that in the process, not only would we win awards for Best Club Table and Best Lord of the Rings table, but we would also be given a limited edition Games Day Figure.  Given that I played LoTR SBG, and not Warhammer Fantasy, I was left a little dissappointed that I couldn't simply pick a miniature of my choice from a different range.  However here I am several years later, with a newly painted figure that I still have no use for other than an interesting story.  So now you can make it yours.  It was up on eBay and did not sell, so I guess I'll hang on to this a little longer.

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