Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreadball Reference Cards, Resources and Links

Dreadball is a great game.  Whether you are just getting into it or you've been playing for a while, here are some useful links for you!

Dreadball Reference Sheets:

Mantic Official Reference Sheets
Fairly good reference sheets for Seasons 1 - 3 teams, special abilities and MVP's.

Dreadball Reference Sheets Seasons 1 - 3
The best resource for all Seasons 1 - 3 actions, special abilities and League Rules.

Dreadball Reference Cards:

Dreadball Printed Reference Cards
Wargame Vault now has official Dreadball reference cards for TeamsFree Agents and MVP's.

Dreadball Reference Cards Sheet
Printable Dreadball Reference Cards.

Dreadball Team Managers:

Dreadball Online Team Manager
A nice simple way to keep track of your team online.  It saves all of your teams and tracks MC, Game Results and Experience nicely.  Sadly, it doesn't allow you to keep track of injuries, points scored or to customize your team logo.

Dreadball Excel Team Manager
A much more extensive team manager.  It gives you pretty much everything you could want in a team manager.  It tracks player names, injuries, experience, points scored and upgrades.  You can customize your team logo and theme the colouring of the roster.  You can also keep track of league wins and losses.  It requires macros.

Dreadball League Manager (By Giochi Corsari)

Dreadball Results

Jake Thornton (the Designer of Dreadball) has posted a site that allows players around the world to track the results of their games.  This provides helpful info on how teams perform, so the more players that contribute, the more accurate the results.

Dreadball Community

Dreadball Fanatics Facebook Group
This is the best place I have found to meet other players, chat about tactics, share amazing photos and pitch designs.

Dreadball Custom Pitches

Geoff Burbidge Custom Dreadball Pitches

Geoff Burbidge designed a number of really nice pitches.

Shawn Grubaugh Custom Neo Tek Pitch
24 x 14 Custom Pitch by Shawn Grubaugh

Play Dreadball Online

How to Play Dreadball Online

Play Dreadball online using the Vassal Module.  The module has been meticulously created using top down images of painted models supplied by a wide array of players from the Dreadball Fanatics Facebook group.