Sunday, February 01, 2015

Imperial Assault Second Campaign Game & Mars Attacks the MiniaturesGame!

Last night we played the second game in our Imperial Assault Campaign.

Heroes Setup:
Gaarkan with Wookie Fortitude
Fenn Signis with Tactical Move

We played the Han Solo side mission and it was a blast. Without spoiling it, here are some pictures of the action:

*You can also see Jon's tricked out storage solution in these pictures

A few comments on the game:
When playing two players, the heroes gain the ability Legendary, which adds 10 hit points. In scenarios where the dark side wins by killing the heroes, this seems pretty powerful. In this scenario the dark side needed to kill Han Solo to win, and he didn't have the Legendary ability, so it was a challenge to keep him alive. The dark side won this scenario. Now here is a question: Do allies like Han Solo have the ability to attack twice like the other heroes? Our reading of the rules said no, but we weren't quite sure.

I have thoroughly enjoyed both games of Imperial Assault. It feels tight, streamlined and reflects the theme beautifully. Both games felt tense, coming down to game ends that could go either way.  All the art is original and brings the game to life. The models are top notch and screaming to painted!  I recommend this game highly to anyone who enjoys Star Wars and miniatures games.

After Imperial Assault we cracked open Mars Attacks the Miniatures Game by Mantic Games. We played the first scenario and it was so much fun!

This game is dripping with theme and random hilarity. Jon played the Martians, running 6 of them with Disintegrator Rifles. I played the humans with 6 troopers with carbines and 2 LMG's.  The rules are element with a mix of board game mechanics with miniature wargame style mechanics. The most obvious miniatures mechanic is true line of sight. If you take a model's eye view and you can see an enemy model, you can shoot it! The brilliance of this system is that it simplifies movement and range by distilling it down to 3" squares, while still maintaining the importance of where you place the model inside the square.  The game feels very tactical with a very simple dice pool system to determine the effects of cover etc. On top of all of this is a fun card system that adds wildly chaotic events to the game that exemplify the realities of battle in the midst of an alien invasion. Events are as diverse mutant bugs flying off with your LMG to civilians running randomly into the Frey. The most iconic event is of course, the flaming cattle tearing trough the street trampling all in their way! The game finely balances the thin line between a lighthearted Martian B movie romp, with a gratifying tactical shooter. This has been one of my favourite games of the year! I look forward to playing this a lot more!  

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