Monday, February 09, 2015

Spartan Games to Produce Halo on the Table-top

It's true, tis right, tis true, tis nobler maybe, but certainly tis true.  It's hard to believe, and to sum simply sublime, and to myself no surprise, but finally come.

Halo, on the tabletop

Fans of the series will now be looking to Spartan Games for high quality miniatures on the tabletop.  Their blog post informs us that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Microsoft, and to build up to it, they temporarily altered their company logo to replace their Spartan helmet, with that of the Master Chief.
Of course, if you've been paying attention, this shouldn't come so much as a surprise, as a ... so that's where they were going...

For the past year, we've begun seeing Spartan scenics releasing sci-fi terrain, abounding with mysterious sci-fi models.  This included a dropship and other nifty environmental elements.  At first people thought this was all in line with their Firestorm Armada plans; and it may be that this was the case.
And now their latest kickstarter of modular terrain, that didn't obviously fit with any of their other games.

Spartan is proving itself nothing if not versatile, and I for one am excited to see where it goes.  They've already released some teaser renderings of some ships, perhaps we'll see a skirmish or scenario based game in the future?  Dystopian Legions is quickly proving itself as a system with potential, even if it has its issues at the moment.
Here's hoping we see some of these for real in 2015, but if any of the terrain interests you, it's available in the spartan shop now, right here.

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