Monday, May 11, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots Preorder from GW - Skitarii, Knight

Always a fan of models that provide variety and versatility, usually I am drawn to models outside of the GW range to meet those requirements.  This on the other hand is refreshing!  Check out these gorgeous robots.

Futuristic enough to be epic, but retro enough to fit into other games as well.  These guys stand on 60mm bases, making them about 75-95mm tall based on the scale of the images.

In this case, the arms and ankles are articulating on ball joints (once you cut off the pins) and the sprues come with everything needed to make 2 robots, and one Cybernetica datasmith, along with a spread of weaponry - options include two sets of power fists, two sets of twin-linked phosphor blasters and a choice of carapace-mounted weaponry (incendine combustor or yet another phosphor blaster - two of each are supplied)
Described as being unable to make simple decisions, but following their instructions to the letter, the Kastelan Robots will rely on the Datasmith reprogramming them on the fly to prevent them from blindly walking off of a cliff.  I guess in the far future, gothic world of Warhammer, they still have computers crash every once in a while.
Check out the preorder here:

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