Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ashlyn D`Elyise Looking Epic

There are some seriously good painters painting miniatures out there, and here's an epic paint job on Privateer Press's mercenary warcaster Ashlyn D'Elyise; by DakkaDakka member Nakatan.
The freehand work is sublime, but it is the way that he creates texture to the model that I find most impactful.  The reflection on her sabre's hilt and blade is a nice touch.  Have a look at the inside of her purple skirting and the edges of the banner to see non-metallic-metal at its best.
Nakatan professes to have been painting for 6 years and is the sculpter and artist behind the famous Cocobo Cavalry, which is also a stunning work of art.  Important to note is his ability to create these effects with brush work alone.

You can see more of Nakatan's work in his Dakka Gallery or on coolminiornot and is available for commission work.

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