Saturday, May 09, 2015

Laser Etching

It's been a while since I've been able to make any content, and some of that is because of secret projects, that are on a need to know basis.  However, today I have been playing with a new toy from work, a laser etcher.  What it is and how it works, well, there's enough out there that can tell you about how the computer talks to it, and how it is basically a plotter, that follows the paths you give it.
So here's a simple description:
By changing the intensity, and duration of the laser's light, you can cut or etch a variety of materials.

Needing to learn how this thing works, has provided the perfect opportunity to play with some game aids.
These are cut out of simple fun foam from a dollar store

I've also whipped up a single custom die, though with the amount of time invested into it, it is barely worth it.  Making a single die, for a special purpose would make sense, but the amount of time needed is significant for anything that cannot be done in batches.

Something this is really good at is making stamps out of foam.  I found a package, at the dollar store, of "counting blocks" made of foam, which provides a handle for it.

When I have more information together, I will try to get a chart of settings for different substrates, as a starting point for others out there experimenting with one of these low-powered compact setups.

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