Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mars Attacks Big Stompy Robot Magnetized

I have seen a number of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but I thought I would add to the discussion:

How to Magnetize the Mars Attacks Big Stompy Robot:
A couple of articles out there:

So here is what I am working on:

I wanted to be able to rotate the arms at the shoulder and elbow joints.  Looking at the model, I thought 'hey, maybe a washer would fit around the elbow joint!?'  So I found some washers that would fit:

8mm Flat washers fit perfectly.  To ensure they wouldn't interfere with rotating the arm, I used some snips to trim the washers slightly.

Then I glued the washer on using Army Painter superglue.

Then I drilled the elbow joint on the upper arm and put in 1/8" magnets.  They were small enough to fit and I used two in order to ensure they would hold the weight.

 Next I used some larger, flat disc magnets in the shoulder joints.