Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tavarua Kickstarter Nearing Completion. Don't Miss Out!

Tabarua is a board game for 1 - 6 players.  It simulates surfing in a card playing format that features risk taking and even features little meeples that paddle out to the best waves and stand up to catch them.  It's a clever little system that looks like a ton of fun!

The designer Cody Miller is known for his first game on kickstarter that had 3293 backers pledge $346,772!  Let's get this game funded and bring some surfing to our tabletops!

Head over to Kickstarter NOW!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Got my Doc Orlington model painted up a little while ago for my Federated States of America army.  I'm still loving the Dystopian Legions game and models.  Spartan is on to something, even if it is a little slow at getting anything new out for it.  The line is already pretty solid with the 4 primary nations, each with their own distinct flair, and 2 new factions are being expanded from a starter box.
Doc Orlington is a NCO model, that fills the Officer/Character section of the platoon structure.  He can run his own section, with some options for specialists and scouts, while Crook the Buzzard flies overhead.  I often put him in a Patriot armoured carrier, in what has been called the "Orlington Death Squad", with a scout and a couple of specialists.  They through out a lot of firepower at medium range, even if they're a little squishy when caught in melee, or suffering concentrated return fire.