Thursday, November 10, 2016

Impressive work on this Forgeworld Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan, and it can be yours if you donate to a worthy Cause.

I've seen a few charitable raffles with models up for grabs, but this one stands out, not just for the skill of the painter, but also due to its scale. This warlord titan stands approximately 23" on the tabletop, absolutely dwarfing the Imperial Knight standing alongside.

Every $10 donation to Doctors Without Borders enters you for a chance to win the Warlord, and you can enter multiple times. There is also a side raffle for those who are able to donate more: Every $50 donation also enters you into the raffle (5x regular entries and 1 side entry) for an Imperial Knight painted in the same scheme as the Warlord.

This is Baphominiatures second charity raffle of 2016, this time for Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides medical care in places with epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care. This could be in the wake of a hurricane, or remote locations in the jungle or mountains. These health care providers are my hero, often operating in harsh conditions.
You can enter the raffle here, supporting an excellent cause in the process.
The raffle result is expected to be announced December 25, 2016, so donate now!

More pictures of this stunning model are available on Baphominiatures website.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Copies of The Modis in Stock

It's been a long time working, editing and producing an adventure novel for young adults. It is a strange feeling to hold a copy of the printed book in my hands and feel content that it is as finished as it will be for now.

When the book was initially written, it was a project undertaken to prove to myself that I could finish it. Since then, I've written other novels, short stories and articles and, in this case, rewritten the book 3 times. Although arduous, I am excited to move on to another one. So here it is, The Mōdis, available July 3rd internationally on Amazon, kindle and at some bookstores.

Order online at either Amazon Canada or US or at your regional Amazon store.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

JD Laverty's The Mōdis, Now available on Kickstarter

Are you into the steampunk Genre? Or just enjoy reading a good story? Then here is a project for you to consider: The Mōdis by JD Laverty.

Set in the early 1800's, Jacob Littleton, and orphan, has been separated from his sister and now finds himself caught up in an adventure that takes him around England as he is hunted by a sinister organization. Gifted with an extraordinary, but unpredictable power he cannot control, Jacob learns to rely on a new friend and mentor along the way.  Check out the Kickstarter video and order your copy today!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Spartan Games Announces a Second Halo Tabletop Game!

Introducing Halo: Ground Command!

A year ago, Spartan Games released the Halo Fleet Battles tabletop game, blending tabletop miniatures with a boardgame-like ruleset. Their partnership with Microsoft and 343 Industries promised paintable and highly detailed plastic miniatures, manufactured by a third-party. Around that time they also teased us with some snazzy models of vehicles and figures from the videogame.

Today, those figures have been given rules - Announcing a new tabletop game, with 1/100 scale (15mm) models and a starter pack that features 1000 points of models for each side of the battle for Reach, Spartan Neil said "As we created the rules we made sure that the Halo Canon was adhered to, generating those cinematic moments of excitement, and always looked to keep the gameplay fast, intuitive and bloody." Given the games roots, fans will agree that fast and bloody is an important aspect to include in the game.

Promises of vehicles, flyers and infantry models have many excited to be realizing their Halo battle fantasies on their tabletops, but one aspect of particular interest is the focus on releasing a tournament ready system at launch. Hints that this new game system is built off of the same principles as Fleet Battles, suggests that like its space-faring sister-game, asymmetrical play will be expected between factions. The question still to be answered is how their "Reaction Engine", as they've dubbed it, will effect the interplay of competitive players.

"To represent Halo’s high-energy gameplay in Halo: Ground Command, we have created an active-Overwatch mechanic, simply dubbed Reaction, which can allow players to react to their opponent’s actions, even within their opponent’s activation! Using a simple, non-record-keeping mechanic that attaches high risk/gain to a dice roll, the Reaction Mechanic gives a real feel of constant gameplay and drama, where players are not waiting for their opponents to finish a game turn, or even an activation, and are instead thrust straight into the action at all times, looking for their chance to shoot back! "

Without sounding overly critical, words like "within their opponent's activation" and "non-record-keeping mechanic" pose serious questions about the dynamic around the table in a competitive game. Tabletop players have at times become hostile, under the pressure of timed turns and heated debates around rule interactions, creating conflicts where friendships once existed. Wariness aside, Spartan Games has a history of releasing stunningly detailed models and their approach to rulemaking has been one with a solid record of good games, even if some of them are no longer supported.

Spartan Games has been kind enough to put out a release guide you can get here. And the Preorder is available in the Spartan Store here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Website up and running for The Modis

The website is up and running for The Modis, a novel by JD Laverty. I'm excited about what's coming, specifically the proof copies of the printed book, but also the news that will be coming as well. Along with preorders, I've had Hokunin work on some art that will be made available to go in the preordered copies. Exactly what the best method of doing that is still in debate, however your chance to own limited run artwork with the first of the Modis Series novels will be explained in more detail soon.

For now, check out the site, and follow along in more detail, and for opportunities to get freebies, check out the facebook page!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Artist on Board for the Modis

I am pleased to announce that the Artist Hokunin (Prokopii Osipov) has come on board with author Josh Laverty (myself) and is working on concept art and illustrations for the book.  While I'm not quite ready to reveal the work, I can say this much, he's really good.  You can check out some of his work at

I've also started a facebook page where you will be able to follow the release details.  At the moment, plans include some fun stuff as part of the preorder!

Here's some of Hokunin's Digital Painting

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Patriot APC Incoming

I had a chance to paint up the Patriot today, and was excited to put this guy on the tabletop.  This is the first tank like model I've ever painted for the tabletop, and I admit I wasn't sure what to do.  You'd think it would be simple enough to transfer the techniques that I have become comfortable with when painting anthropomorphized robots or humanoid characters, but in this case I especially couldn't decide on a colour to start with.
What resulted was in fact an accident.

I have two colour sets to my american army: Confederate grey/blue and Desert yellow/leather.  Officers and certain characters will have the confederate treatment to go with the fluff of the Dystopian Wars history, wherein the South won their civil war.  The troops will come in companies that reflect their sponsor states, and the first group is from Arizona, thus they end up with the desert sort of look.
Undecided still, I ended up priming the tank black, and while it was still a little tacky, I started a heavy "dry" brush in yellow.  After three layers of dry brushing the yellow/gold (the same base I used on the heavy machine gunner in the above picture), I then applied a wash made from jet dry, black pigment and gloss.  Low and behold, it turned out like it did, and I have to admit, I like it.
What do you think?  Do you have any unexpected painting stories to share?  Comment below

Friday, January 01, 2016

Don't Blow up my Christmas Gifts! 2015

I was happy to find a few gaming pieces under the tree this year, and today provided a chance to play with a few of them.  These pieces were for Dystopian Legions, and one in particular is the Patriot Transport for the FSA (Federated States of America).

This little tank is armed with the Orlington .70 Cal Machine Gun, on a rotating turret.  Faster than infantry, and reasonably armoured, it carries up to 6 infantry models into combat.  Sections can equip up to 2 as an attachment and begin the game embarked in it.

A couple of things I really like about the piece is that even when it has disembarked its section, it has a use to provide light fire support, and it can be used to steam through, forcing models to disengage from melee.

As a model, I am astounded at the detail and shear amount of resin in the model.  It is a solid block of resin, giving it a hefty feel in the hand.  Assembly was extremely simple, with only 7 kinds of pieces.

  • Main Body
  • 2 tracks
  • 2 track covers
  • 2 bumpers
  • Passenger block
  • Turret
  • Main Gun

With some crazy glue, it took no more than 10 minutes to clean and assemble, though in this sense I wouldn't have minded more of a hobby model type assembly.

For an example of some on the table drama, here is how it played out in our game today.
  • Turn 1, it steamed up the field at full speed.
  • Turn 2, It closed on its target, crashing through the sandbags to disgorge a team of Armoured Infantry, who proceeded to fire and kill a Japanese Lieutenant.  My opponent fired at it with his Field gun, and narrowly missed damaging it.
  • Turn 3, The exploding sixes went crazy!! My opponent again fired at the Patriot, rolling 10 Red dice, and 21 successes! Kaboom, there went my Patriot APC!  In the process however, the blast killed his nearby commanding officer, Master Okinawa.

Ha! That's what you get for blowing up my Christmas Gifts!