Sunday, April 17, 2016

JD Laverty's The Mōdis, Now available on Kickstarter

Are you into the steampunk Genre? Or just enjoy reading a good story? Then here is a project for you to consider: The Mōdis by JD Laverty.

Set in the early 1800's, Jacob Littleton, and orphan, has been separated from his sister and now finds himself caught up in an adventure that takes him around England as he is hunted by a sinister organization. Gifted with an extraordinary, but unpredictable power he cannot control, Jacob learns to rely on a new friend and mentor along the way.  Check out the Kickstarter video and order your copy today!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Spartan Games Announces a Second Halo Tabletop Game!

Introducing Halo: Ground Command!

A year ago, Spartan Games released the Halo Fleet Battles tabletop game, blending tabletop miniatures with a boardgame-like ruleset. Their partnership with Microsoft and 343 Industries promised paintable and highly detailed plastic miniatures, manufactured by a third-party. Around that time they also teased us with some snazzy models of vehicles and figures from the videogame.

Today, those figures have been given rules - Announcing a new tabletop game, with 1/100 scale (15mm) models and a starter pack that features 1000 points of models for each side of the battle for Reach, Spartan Neil said "As we created the rules we made sure that the Halo Canon was adhered to, generating those cinematic moments of excitement, and always looked to keep the gameplay fast, intuitive and bloody." Given the games roots, fans will agree that fast and bloody is an important aspect to include in the game.

Promises of vehicles, flyers and infantry models have many excited to be realizing their Halo battle fantasies on their tabletops, but one aspect of particular interest is the focus on releasing a tournament ready system at launch. Hints that this new game system is built off of the same principles as Fleet Battles, suggests that like its space-faring sister-game, asymmetrical play will be expected between factions. The question still to be answered is how their "Reaction Engine", as they've dubbed it, will effect the interplay of competitive players.

"To represent Halo’s high-energy gameplay in Halo: Ground Command, we have created an active-Overwatch mechanic, simply dubbed Reaction, which can allow players to react to their opponent’s actions, even within their opponent’s activation! Using a simple, non-record-keeping mechanic that attaches high risk/gain to a dice roll, the Reaction Mechanic gives a real feel of constant gameplay and drama, where players are not waiting for their opponents to finish a game turn, or even an activation, and are instead thrust straight into the action at all times, looking for their chance to shoot back! "

Without sounding overly critical, words like "within their opponent's activation" and "non-record-keeping mechanic" pose serious questions about the dynamic around the table in a competitive game. Tabletop players have at times become hostile, under the pressure of timed turns and heated debates around rule interactions, creating conflicts where friendships once existed. Wariness aside, Spartan Games has a history of releasing stunningly detailed models and their approach to rulemaking has been one with a solid record of good games, even if some of them are no longer supported.

Spartan Games has been kind enough to put out a release guide you can get here. And the Preorder is available in the Spartan Store here.